Beast Academy Level 1

Now available, Beast Academy 1 fits the needs of children who need a math challenge! Using the popular monster theme of the other levels, Level 1 teaches math conceptually and focuses on problem solving. At this level, the all-in-one Guide and Practice Book are all you need! Beginning with a How to Use section, children begin by reading the comic book style lessons, and then complete the practice pages that follow the guided lesson. The pace is fast, and mastery is the goal. Hundreds of practice problems are included, ranging from typical math practice to word problems and challenging puzzles. Student hints and answers (some with expanded explanations) are found in the back of the book. Free printable resources at the publisher website make this excellent math program more interactive. Recommended for children ages 6-8 years. Students should be able to count and write to at least 20 (100 is preferred) before they begin Beast Academy 1. Early readers may need the help of a parent. Not reproducible. Printable manipulatives, game boards and other resources are available at the Beast Academy website.

Book 1A focuses on counting, shapes and comparing.

Book 1B teaches addition and subtraction concepts and strategies, even/odd, same and different, prime numbers, and circle diagrams.

Book 1C covers addition and subtraction, adding/subtracting using a number line, counting by tens, number comparisons, expressions, patterns (shape, number, and special patterns including Pascal’s Triangle and the Fibonacci sequence).

Book 1D covers numbers greater than 100, measurements (including lengths, days, and time) and problem solving using grids, coordinates, directions, and order).

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