Comprehension Crosswords

What a unique format for a comprehension book! Kids will love the fun that crossword puzzles add to their reading comprehension training. In each book, about 14 exercises are included. For each one, a grade-appropriate reading passage is included. These cover a variety of topics, but are usually non-fiction passages like biographies, history stories, or descriptions of science topics like volcanoes or rain forests. Students read the passage and then the fun begins. Instead of the typical reading comprehension questions, these all come in the form of fill-in-the-blank or clues. As students answer them, they fill the answers into the accompanying crossword puzzle. About 10-12 questions are asked for every passage. With the fun format and standard-based themes that build reading comprehension and vocabulary skills, this series is sure to be a hit. Extended activities like drawing pictures or short writing assignments are included with every passage, as well. Books are reproducible, about 32 pgs, pb, answers included. ~ Rachel

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