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This book presents the timeless stories of the Bible in a way that will intrigue young children. With colorful illustrations, the parables come alive. Starting in the Old Testament with Creation and ending in the New Testament with John's vision of heaven in Revelation, this story Bible covers all the major stories of the Bible. Each message is short and moves in a succinct manner that will hold the attention of children. The information is accurately drawn from Scripture and makes use of the same wording. Each chapter includes the biblical reference, list of key words, and instructions for the readers to ask, do and pray about things pertaining to the story. For instance, in the story of Ester, the instructions tell readers to ask themselves what bad things Haman wanted to do, plan and prepare a unique meal for their families, and pray to thank God for making Esther brave. A glossary with definitions of key words is included, making it a great tool for younger children to learn to read and build their vocabularies. The Story Bible would be ideal for children to read on their own, help them to learn to read, or used to teach biblical lessons after dinner or during bedtime. 130 stories. 480 pgs, hardcover. - John

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