Alphabet Book (Memoria Press)

A critical first step for reading success is learning letters and sounds. If you are looking for an effective, simple approach to teaching these basic skills, these early learning books from Memoria Press may be just what you are looking for. These books are an essential resource for their Junior Kindergarten program (see Curriculum section), but they are versatile enough to be valuable for any family desiring to teach letter sounds to their young children. Each book in the series offers black line illustrations and uncluttered pages. Activities vary and include tracing the letter, circling upper or lower case letters, coloring, simple counting, and many others. Book 1 begins with simple instructions on proper pencil holding and covers letters A, D, C, F, G, H, B, P, N, T, J, S, and I. Every fifth lesson is a review of previously learned letters. Lines measure 5/8" and include a centered dotted line. Includes 12 reproducible practice pages. Book 2 reviews the proper pencil holding technique and letters M,V,O, Y, W, U, R, E, K, L, X, Q, and Z along with a review every four letters. A comprehensive review concludes Book 2, and it also includes 12 reproducible practice pages. Approximately 90 pgs. The optional coloring book offers a fun way to practice recognition and fine motor skills. Continuing with the same simple, uncluttered layout, each letter is presented in a two page spread. One page contains the upper and lower case letter with instructions to color. The facing page shows 2-3 black line drawings which begin with the letter on the preceding page. Children are asked to say the name of the picture aloud and to color the picture. 55 pgs. Flashcards are now available too. Each card measures approximately 4" x 5 ½" and offers the letter on one side and the corresponding black line illustration on the back. Cards are glossy cardstock for added durability. The set contains 26 letters plus numbers 1-20 to correlate with the Memoria Press Numbers books #52968 and #52969 (NMBRSET) Flashcards arrive in a full sheet spread and are perforated for ease of use. Books 1 and 2 are available individually or as a set. The coloring book is available separately. pb. ~ Deanne

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