Story of Western Civilization

This unique series from Educators Publishing Service combines a chronological tour of history with reading comprehension with struggling readers in mind. Each chapter contains a page-length reading selection and several pre- and post-reading exercises to test comprehension and vocabulary. A "Getting Ready" section features black and white drawings with captions related to the topic, followed by a handful of vocabulary words used in the selection student must look up and write definitions for. The reading selection was written to provide a good overview of the topic or time period while keeping it short enough to hold students' attention.The vocabulary words are printed in bold in the selection with pronunciation as well. Follow-up comprehension exercises may include short answer questions, true/false, sentence completion, matching, multiple choice and discussion questions. A cumulative test is offered at the end of each book, containing a variety of questions on all content in the book. Because the books were designed largely for the student to work on their own, there is no answer key for the lesson exercises; the Teacher's Guide contains only answers to the cumulative tests. The workbooks themselves are fairly meaty, each containing between 86 and 120 pages. Excellent for use for either remedial reading comprehension, or on-target younger readers, this course will give a good overview of Western civilization at the same time. Please note that the first two lessons in How Civilization Began contain human pre-history from a secular viewpoint. - Jess

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