Quick Sticker Kits

Clever and creative craft kits are an activity and a toy for little kids. They have to follow simple directions to create a fun little product, or they could by-pass the directions and make their own design. I was impressed by the quality of the shiny cardboard and cool graphics on the stickers included in each set. All the parts you need are included in the kit. I really liked the sparkly stickers for the Glitter Mosaic ladybug. These are different from a sticker book in that you can play with what you create. How fun for a child to hang the Space Mobile in their room and be able to tell their friends that they made it. You could connect these little kits to a study unit for younger kids on the planets (Space Mobile,) about your city (Tiny Town Village,) maybe one on insects (Glitter Mosaic). These really seem geared towards the 3rd grade and under crowd. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs. ~ Sara

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Item # 051293
Grades: PK-3
Our Price: $5.00
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