See It and Sign It Games

American Sign Language's tactile nature lends itself to untraditional learning tools, such as the fun See it and Sign it games. First, students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the signs used in the game by watching them demonstrated on the included DVD and studying their illustrations on the large "Easy Remember Guides." Once the players are familiar with the signs, it's time to play. This set includes 60 flashcards, 10 game boards, and 2 decoder lenses. Each flashcard has an illustration of a child performing a sign on one side; the reverse has corresponding English word disguised on the back amongst red code and only readable using a decoder. The double-sided game boards resemble Bingo, with words in grids of 6 or 3. Instructions for six different games are provided, ranging from Bingo-type matching games to flashcard self-quizzes. The games involve performing the signs, so players will get plenty of practice; and some can be played single player, making this a fun study aid. In Level I, students learn 60 basic signs from several categories: action, animals, colors, feelings, food, people, alphabet, and numbers 1-10. Level II teaches 120 new words, with signs for food, occupations, outdoors, animals, education, transportation, sports, medical, family, home, time, location, and question signs. A fun, multi-sensory approach to learning sign language. ~ Lisa

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