Languages for Children

I love a language program with a CD because it ensures that a learner will be hearing correct pronunciations, especially when the parent or teacher is not fluent. Using authentic native speakers, these programs offer a nice program for young students. The course book is colorful and easy to follow with or without the CD, though I recommend using both. The voices are varied to keep it interesting and I particularly liked hearing children's voices in the target language. They point out that they will be speaking Spanish as they speak in Spain (Castillian) and point out some of the pronunciation differences among Spanish speakers. A list of suggestions to making learning fun is really useful. Simple ideas like "say everything out loud" and "keep lessons short" are helpful to those not used to teaching a second language. You are encouraged to do these programs with friends Topics covered include (in this order): saying hello and counting to 10, answering yes or no to a question (comprehension,) places, friends, family, house, number 11-20, colors, zoo, food, and saying things you like or would like to do on your birthday. The activity book provides more speaking practice and has some writing involved. The course book has some English while the activity book has none. You are encouraged to start a binder for things you learn. Add to it as you look up countries where the language is spoken. Take the binder out and about to reinforce language learning. Listen to the CDs on the road without the books for something different. Each kit contains a full color course book with 2 accompanying CDs and a black and white activity book with 1 CD. ~ Sara

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