Love and Truth: Navigating Relationships

This series is a 30-lesson study intended for the high school student to explore what godly, healthy, hope-filled relationships can look like. Relationships may differ, but as we abide in God’s love and truth, we can reflect His grace no matter our situation. The teacher manual will help with the preparation of the lectures, and the student manual encourages teens to explore lecture topics while applying key principles to personal or hypothetical situations. Each lesson ends with a devotional reading.

Given the sensitive nature of some of the topics—such as abuse and sexuality—we encourage teachers to consider previewing some lessons with parents ahead of class. Since the material focuses on biblical principles and philosophy, you should not need to separate your classes by age or sex. But depending on the background and maturity of your students, you may find that temporarily separated classes lead to better, more open discussion. You can find free digital presentations with these outlines on the Love and Truth product page at ~Amber

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