Mapping Skills Series

One of the most useful features of the internet comes in the form of browsers that give you the ability to interact with maps of all varieties - for any place on earth you would like to see! Of course, even with that digital tool at our fingertips, we still need to learn the basics of maps and mapping. This series melds the two aspects together. Each graded workbook covers mapping skills in a progression similar to most other map skills books (from how to read maps through mapping your classroom / neighborhood, to time zones and countries, then into thematic maps). The major difference is that this series gives instructions for using Google Earth™ within lessons. Each workbook promotes critical thinking skills and reading comprehension based on Bloom's Taxonomy, includes an assessment rubric and a teacher's guide, and contains vocabulary lists, quizzes and answer keys. Workbooks are consumable and reproducible and all include six overhead transparencies. The Big Book is a combined volume of the other three, including all of the transparencies. - Zach

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Grades: PK-8
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