American History Series from Carson-Dellosa

The American History Series has crafted an imaginative way to help children learn American history. The books take readers on a journey through each time period, providing great insight into the life and times of the people that made the times so intriguing and important to our history. Each chapter discusses people, events, or objects in concise detail (depending on the topic at the time), not boring children with unnecessary information. The written information-usually a page in length-is followed by a creative exercise or quiz for the student to complete. A few exercises require students to do further research, usually online. Included are answer keys and timelines, and the pages come perforated for easy removal to complete the activities and quizzes. Children will see drawings of the people and maps of what they're studying, making the information come alive; they will learn about the people, tools and their uses, and the places that concern the period of history they're studying at the time. Because the information covers not only history but geography and the social life at the time, the American History Series provides students with a comprehensive overview of early American history. 122 pgs, pb. - John

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