Stories of Great People

What do characters like Digby, Kenzo and Youssef have to do with your child learning about great people of the past? They are a few names your kids will learn on their route through history. This series starts with some kind of adventure in which these folks find themselves. Through them, we learn about the special objects connected to the Great People. For example, fictional Digby Platt and his sister Hannah come across a telescope (which of course had belonged to Galileo) at Mr. Rummage's antique stall. Stories then run parallel about the fictional and non-fictional persons. Mr. Rummage is telling the kids about Galileo's life, while your student can read information about Galileo's inventions on the same page with a different colored background. The layout is logical, not confusing. Kids could easily read just one or the other at one time if they chose to. These books are chock-full of factual information and lively illustrations. These books could be easily used as a source in a unit study on any of the people. Think broader and add them to a unit study of the time period, or history of the person's home country and culture. 40 pgs, pb. ~ Sara

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