Core Skills: Reading Comprehension

These comprehension books offer a variety of activities focusing on developing important reading comprehension skills. These include recalling facts, finding the main idea, differentiating between facts and opinions, sequencing, recognizing synonyms and antonyms, and critical thinking, just to name a few. Each workbook is structured similarly, with each lesson featuring a fictional or non-fictional story, followed by multiple choice questions, a vocabulary activity featuring the words used in the context of the story, and an additional activity utilizing any of the other skills listed above. Skill reviews follow a group of several stories, ensuring that the student is allowed more practice with each skill covered. The workbooks for grades 1-3 have 158 pages and between 26-34 stories with accompanying exercises, while grades 4-8 have around 126 pages and between 11-12 stories with exercises. An answer key is also included in each workbook. The format and structure of the lessons, as well as the skills practiced, will not only improve reading comprehension: they also lend themselves well to test prep, however far down the road that may be. -- Jess

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