Core Knowledge History & Geography Homeschool Bundles

This series presents an interesting approach to teaching history/social studies at the elementary level. Teaching history and geography topics, it builds a solid base of academic knowledge by presenting concepts of World and American history and geography. The narrative style and beautiful illustrations will intrigue learners of all ages.

Grade 1 and 2 bundles include 8-11 books, teaching guides in a 3-ring binder, and a parent guide. Each of the books at this level are divided into 4-10 themed lessons and each book can be used as a stand-alone reading book or in any order within the curriculum. Teaching guides are individual booklets within the binder, one for each book or theme, and include discussions questions and exercises to deepen the student's understanding.

Grade 3 through 6 bundles include one text with 7-13 themes, teaching guides in a 3-ring binder (one for each theme), and a parent guide. Each chapter within the student text presents main concepts, vocabulary and interesting textual information and themes can be presented in any order. The teaching guides give a breakdown of each lesson along with main ideas, read alouds, activities, review questions and reproducible pages for classroom or family and assessments with answer keys. A Parent Guide is included in each bundle to explain each component and has helpful tips and suggestions for writing your lessons plans.

The series is edited by and aligned to E.D. Hirsch's Core Knowledge Sequence. E.D. Hirsch has been a trusted name in education and development for parents and teachers for many years, and his knowledge of the standards offers learners a quality social studies program. ~ Donna

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