Bold Believers

Early in our homeschooling journey, we were introduced to the incredible ministry of Voice of the Martyrs (VOM). My children would eagerly wait for the newest edition of the "Kids of Courage" companion study to arrive in the mail. When our latest issue would arrive, we spend hours reading the articles, experiencing the culture and praying for the children and countries highlighted. As my children transition into adulthood, they continue to have a heart for our brothers and sisters in the Lord, who face persecution simply for their trust in Jesus Christ.

Imagine my delight to find this new series from VOM! Bold Believers expands upon the information found in the Kids of Courage series. Each book begins with facts about the country-including an overview of geography, history and culture. After the overview, children are introduced to numerous stories of children who are bold believers in the specific country. Recognizing persecution is a painful subject matter-the stories are presented skillfully, seeking to educate our children on the reality of persecution without frightening them. Each story concludes with a simple activity. Activities vary from map skills, learning the language activities, Bible study, prayer suggestions, crossword puzzles, coloring pages, recipes and a variety of hands-on crafts.

Let me share with you an example from Bold Believers in Colombia, story #2: "A Christmas present for an Enemy". Nine year old Betty and her little brother lived with her parents in a small Colombian village. The people of the village loved her father, who was also a pastor. He helped them find ways to meet their daily physical needs as well as their need for a Savior. Betty's dad wanted to do the will of God rather than the will of the paramilitaries. Two weeks after they gave him a warning, three men dressed in black came to Betty's door. They had a "few questions" to ask her father and he left with them. He never returned. The paramilitary men shot him and he died. When Betty turned fourteen, she knew it was time to deal with her anger. She realized she must forgive her enemies. At Christmas time, Betty decided to write a Christmas letter to the commander of the paramilitary. Here is what her letter said: "Dear Sir, Your men killed my father when I was only nine. He was a good man. And you are a bad man. But you have a soul and God loves you. And this is my Christmas present to you. I forgive you. Betty". Activity: Create a flag of Columbia and color it as a reminder to pray for the people of Columbia. Bold Believers would make an excellent supplement to your geography studies or to build your children's faith in a God who is always there for us regardless of our circumstances. Colorfully illustrated. Reproducible for family/school use only. Answer key included. Spiral-bound paperback, approx. 50 pgs. ~ Deanne

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