Christian Classics

God intends us to learn from the lives of faithful Christians. Missionary stories, Bible narratives, biographies of faithful men and women all serve to broaden our understanding of God and how He is at work in the lives of His people. And they serve to challenge us to love and good deeds. This new series from Generations With Vision provides material for just that sort of edifying and God-glorifying study.

Five Remarkable Narratives is a compilation of the autobiographies of five God-touched lives. Each one will leave you awed by God's mercy and grace and challenged to live more faithfully. Satisfyingly challenging reading for the serious high school student (or adult student of any age), these narratives take you from northern Africa (St. Augustine) to Ireland (Patrick) to Scotland (Knox) to England (Bunyan) to the South Pacific (Paton). In time they take you from the Roman Empire into the Middle Ages, through the Reformation and into the 19th century.

The Study Guide provides a road map through this challenging material. Corresponding to each reading section, there is a set of vocabulary words (define and use in a sentence), a set of study guide questions (recounting key events in the narrative), and sometimes critical thinking questions (personal applications). Each narrative study ends with the completion of an essay chosen from several suggestions. Parents will appreciate the back-of-the-book answer key.

The Study Guide is a worktext which leaves space for written-out answers, however, some students might prefer to provide answers in a digital format. This would probably require the retyping of questions but that would be a minimal time investment. I can even see some students blogging through their course.

If your high school student is ready for a deeper study that will challenge his personal faith as well as his worldview, then plan this course into his life. ~ Janice

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