Creative Thinking Rev-Ups

Some days are easier than others to get kids motivated to learn. These little spiral-bound books of ideas are inspiration to fire up their engines. Think of them as warming up kids' motors. Here are a few ideas from the book for younger kids: Name 3 things that would be hard to do wearing mittens and explain why. Write a menu for the worst meal you can imagine and draw a picture. Invent a silly new way for people to show that they are happy. The older kids have fun things too. If you could step back in time, who would you want to see and why? Describe glass to someone who has never seen it or felt it. Think of your favorite color and how it would smell. Chatty kids will love these and they just might bring out the quieter child from their shell. Nearly 200 activities guaranteed to get students' brains in gear. 192 pgs, pb. ~ Sara

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Grades: 1-3
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