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Field trips were always one of my favorite things to do in school, and one of the best ways to learn. The problem is that you can't visit everywhere you study. These virtual field trips from Digital Frog allow you and your student to visit places you might not otherwise encounter. Learn about wetlands in Ontario Canada, deserts of the Southwest United States, and a rainforest in Belize Central America. Surround yourself in the sounds of the location, experience the sights, and meet the inhabitants as you learn in a way you can't learn from a textbook. Experience 360° panoramic pictures, animations, narrations, games, text, and photographs. Student workbook pages are included on the CD-ROM, with tips, suggestions, quizzes, and crossword puzzles. The answers and teaching suggestions are found in the teacher guide (also on the CD-ROM). Learn about desert types and the processes that formed them, human impact on deserts, and build your own desert biome from what you learn. As you visit Canadian wetlands, learn about the bog food web, plant and animal adaptations, photosynthesis, conservation, pollution, and habitat. Study the rainforest and get an education in botany, wildlife, and the controversial issues of human impact and conservation.

System requirements are Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. Mac OSX 10.6 or later.

Use the Digital Field Trips to enhance and expand your science curriculum, to build a unit study on ecosystems, or use them as preparation before a family vacation. ~ Donna

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