Nature Guides - Geology & Astronomy

Colorfully illustrated, comprehensive and incredibly user friendly, these guides will add a fresh perspective to your science studies. Produced in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute, these guides offer up-to-date scientific research and theories written in an engaging, understandable manner. Each book contains introductory material centered on the specific topic, a thorough index, stunning photos and vivid illustrations. This series does presume an evolutionary time frame over 13 million years.

Rocks and Minerals begins with introductory information detailing rocks, minerals and crystals. Once the foundation is laid, instruction on rock collecting and cleaning, organizing, and storing is provided giving children the tools necessary to create their own personal collection. More than 700 specimens are profiled in this remarkable resource. A handy key is included which details the multiple areas profiled. A sampling of the profile includes hardness, specific gravity, luster, type, origin, temperature of formation, pressure necessary for formation, structure, grain size, color, fossils, and precursor rocks along with many other identifying factors.

Stars and Planets covers all 88 constellations in the night sky, tools and techniques for a successful sky watching experience, a monthly sky guide to organize your astronomy study, and detailed information on the Solar System and the Stars and Beyond. 352 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne

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