Electronic Time for Learning

It's no secret that many children learn and retain information better when they can interact with the material. The Electronic Time for Learning series does just that, blending traditional books with electronic interactivity! The books are regular hardcover books, with an electronic panel on the right hand side. The panel has a number keypad and speaker that plays sounds when certain number combinations are pressed. The text of the books provides comprehensive textual coverage about their subjects (in an easy-to-read way), as well as hundreds of photos & illustrations. Experiments are also included for a hands-on element. The audio keypad vastly expands on content by giving auditory explanations of things, definitions, and quizzes. It's easy to use: when you come across a 3-digit code, just punch it into the keypad, hit "enter," and listen! Note that the age of the universe is assumed to be billions of years old (but generally only in passing comments). 117 pgs. each, hc. -Chad

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