Glam Art Craft Kits

If your children have enjoyed self-sticking mosaic craft kits, they may also fall in love with these "sequin mosaic" kits that produce some very flashy wall art! Each kit contains three 10" x 12" design boards, packets of sequins and gems in a variety of colors, a "Glam Grabber" (a clear wax crayon), and a cardboard tray. Each of the art boards features an illustrated design covered with shaded adhesive circles, covered with pieces of waxed paper. To decorate a design board children choose the colored sequins they'll be working with, dump them in the tray, and remove a section of the waxed paper from the board. Then, using the Glam Grabber, they pick up one sequin at a time, and stick it to a matching adhesive circle on the board. Although it sounds a little unusual, the crayon really grabs the sequin, making handling those little sparkly pieces not only effortless, but actually kind of relaxing! Like other adhesive mosaic products, these are not only a great way to practice fine motor control, but they provide an attractive, ready-to-display piece of art too!

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

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