Block Crayons

The best of both worlds, these crayons provide a nice combination of two things young children tend to enjoy - building blocks and coloring - all in one. These are high-quality crayons designed specifically for easy use by those precious little hands and have the added bonus feature of stackability. Most of the crayons are square or rectangular in shape and have coned tips that make stacking easy, but the people and animal-shaped crayons are stackable but cannot be stacked on. The crayons are bold and vibrant in color and are smooth and easy to write with. The Educational Pack comes with a farmer and his wife, a rabbit, a pig, a rooster, 6 rectangular, and 13 square shaped crayons. The Farm pack comes with a horse, a cat, 1 rectangular, and 4 square crayons. The faces of the square and rectangular pieces are imprinted with letters or numbers or contain a farm related image (ie: tractors, barn, animals, etc.).

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