Focus On Series

The Focus Series by Curriculum Associates continues to provide effective tools to reinforce your student's reading strategies. This series provides more in depth, concentrated practice on the six basic reading strategies also found it the CARS/STARS Series: comparing and contrasting, drawing conclusions and making inferences, making predictions, recognizing cause and effect, understanding main ideas and details, and understanding sequence. Each student book contains a brief teacher-guided overview providing basic instruction and a general introduction to the reading strategy focused on. A quick lesson preview provides students with a model of how the lesson is structured. Each of the twenty lessons contain an age appropriate, full page reading passage (comprised of a good mix of high interest fiction and non-fiction) and five comprehension questions; four multiple choice and one short answer. Five self-assessments are included to measure student performance. Corresponding teacher guides provide helpful teaching tips and answers to the student books. Student books are consumable. ~ Enh

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