Following Directions

The number one cause of answering questions incorrectly is probably not carefully reading and following the directions! I don't know how many times I, as a student, have either been told or realized looking back at a missed question on a test, that if I'd only followed the directions I would have gotten it correct. Usually the direction I didn't follow was not reading the questions or answer choices all the way through! Help your students learn the valuable skill of following directions with these fun and easy-to-use workbooks. Each workbook is divided into three sections: Following Written Directions, Following Step-by-Step Directions to Draw a Picture, and Following Oral Directions. In the first two sections students can work independently, but in the third section, the directions need to be read aloud to students. Skills progress by grade levels. The 1-2 grade books contains activities such as hidden pictures, crack the codes, matching, coloring, connect-the-dots, solving riddles, drawing simple pictures, etc. Grades 3-4 covers more complex dot-to-dots, coloring activities, riddles, pictures, etc. Grades 5-6 includes mapping activities, graphing pictures, alphabetizing, riddles, more complicated pictures and more. If students learn this valuable skill early, it will save them from kicking themselves later on! ~ Megan

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