More Days Go By Workbook

Grade 1
Medium Teacher Involvement
Other Materials Optional
Teaching Method
Teacher-centered curriculum commonly used in classrooms that may include a text, teacher manual, tests, etc.
Charlotte Mason
A methodology based on the work of a 19th century educator who maintained that children learn best from literature (Living Books), not textbooks.
A methodology based on the Latin Trivium (three stages of learning), including the grammar stage (memorization and facts), logic stage (critical thinking), and rhetoric stage (developing/defending ideas).
Unit Study
A thematic or topical approach centered around one topic that integrates multiple subject areas.
Montessori (Discovery)
A methodology based on the work of a 20th century educator that emphasizes student and sensory-driven discovery learning and real-life applications.
Other methodologies
Religious Content
Contains content contrary to common Christian beliefs (i.e. evolution).
Avoids religious or theoretical topics or presents multiple viewpoints without preference.
Faith-based or including instructional religious content.
Learning Modality
Learns through listening, talking out loud or reading out loud.
Learns through seeing, prefers written instructions and visual materials.
Kinesthetic/Tactile (Hands-On)
Learns through moving, doing and touching.
Curriculum that employ a variety of activities/components.
Curriculum progresses through well-defined learning objectives. Emphasizes mastery before moving to the next topic.
Topics and concepts are repeated from level to level, adding more depth at each pass and connecting with review.
Focus is on the “why,” often with a unifying concept as well as specific skills; coverage may be broader.
Teacher Involvement
Low Teacher Involvement
Student-led materials; parent acts as a facilitator.
Medium Teacher Involvement
A mix of teacher-led time and independent student work.
High Teacher Involvement
Teacher-led lessons; may utilize discussions, hands-on activities and working together.
Additional Materials Required
No other materials needed
Everything you need is included.
Other Materials Required
There are additional required resources that are a separate purchase.
Other Materials Optional
There are additional resources mentioned or recommended but are not absolutely necessary.
Designed to be written in; not reusable.
Not designed to be written in; reusable.
Our Price
This 1st grade More Days Go By Workbook correlates with the More Days Go By Reader (005107) and the Days Go By and More Days Go By Teacher’s Manual (007153).
Latest printing with reorganized Learning through Sounds workbook pages grouped with the lesson.
Category Description for Pathway Reading

An Amish reading program which portrays a lifestyle in which people cherish Christian traits, and in which children gain insights into how to behave! Families are large and stories are centered around the family and farm. The stories are interesting to children if our kids are any indicator! One of my favorites is a story from First Steps in which little Rachel discovers, after attempting to help mother shell peas, that watching baby Miriam really is a good way to help mother with meal preparations!

Although many of our customers use the readers as a standalone, we carry the complete reading program, including teacher's manuals, workbooks, and tests or quizzes where available. Instruction is plain and effective, with minimalistic black and white illustrations, which makes this series affordable and user-friendly. Please note that the Teacher's Manuals are necessary for Before We Read, First Steps, and Learning Through Sounds 1 and 2.

Package content varies. Each package includes the Student Text, Student Workbook, and Workbook Teacher Manual. Where available, packages also include the Tests and Test Answer Sheet and/or Quizzes and Answer Sheet. While these tests and answers are not part of the original Amish reading program, they were created to meet the needs of homeschooling parents outside the Amish classroom. Flashcards are included in the Grade 1 package. See individual packages for more information. Consumables are not reproducible, so each student will need his/her own workbook, tests, and quizzes.

Packages include the student text, student workbook, teacher edition of the workbook, test, and the test answer sheet.

Category Description for Pathway Reading - Grade 1

Students develop necessary skills for reading as they incrementally learn the 44 basic sounds and their symbols, which make up 85% of the English language. This process of decoding lays a solid reading foundation, allowing students to approach any new word through the sound system. All books encourage Christian values and are illustrated with cute, black-and-white, farm-inspired drawings. Learning Through Sounds Workbooks 1 and 2 provide phonics instruction along with the required teacher manual—for thorough implementation of daily lessons, including games and activities. (The Learning Through Sounds Practice Workbook is perfect for students who’ve finished workbooks 1 and 2 and need additional practice, or as review when bridging into 2nd grade). The Helping Yourself Workbook can be used alongside Learning Through Sounds Workbook 1 and provides activity pages (cut-and-paste type) for each letter of the alphabet. Each reader is hardcover and has a correlating workbook (2 pages of exercises per story) and teacher manual, done in the following sequence: Before We Read, First Steps, Days Go By, and More Days Go By. Teacher manuals show copies of textbook and workbook pages with answers filled in and contain detailed instructions for teaching.   

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