Fifty States Under God for Young Learners

Grade PK-2
Low Teacher Involvement
Teaching Method
Teacher-centered curriculum commonly used in classrooms that may include a text, teacher manual, tests, etc.
Charlotte Mason
A methodology based on the work of a 19th century educator who maintained that children learn best from literature (Living Books), not textbooks.
A methodology based on the Latin Trivium (three stages of learning), including the grammar stage (memorization and facts), logic stage (critical thinking), and rhetoric stage (developing/defending ideas).
Unit Study
A thematic or topical approach centered around one topic that integrates multiple subject areas.
Montessori (Discovery)
A methodology based on the work of a 20th century educator that emphasizes student and sensory-driven discovery learning and real-life applications.
Other methodologies
Religious Content
Contains content contrary to common Christian beliefs (i.e. evolution).
Avoids religious or theoretical topics or presents multiple viewpoints without preference.
Faith-based or including instructional religious content.
Learning Modality
Learns through listening, talking out loud or reading out loud.
Learns through seeing, prefers written instructions and visual materials.
Kinesthetic/Tactile (Hands-On)
Learns through moving, doing and touching.
Curriculum that employ a variety of activities/components.
Curriculum progresses through well-defined learning objectives. Emphasizes mastery before moving to the next topic.
Topics and concepts are repeated from level to level, adding more depth at each pass and connecting with review.
Focus is on the “why,” often with a unifying concept as well as specific skills; coverage may be broader.
Teacher Involvement
Low Teacher Involvement
Student-led materials; parent acts as a facilitator.
Medium Teacher Involvement
A mix of teacher-led time and independent student work.
High Teacher Involvement
Teacher-led lessons; may utilize discussions, hands-on activities and working together.
Additional Materials Required
No other materials needed
Everything you need is included.
Other Materials Required
There are additional required resources that are a separate purchase.
Other Materials Optional
There are additional resources mentioned or recommended but are not absolutely necessary.
Designed to be written in; not reusable.
Not designed to be written in; reusable.
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Publisher's Description of Fifty States Under God for Young Learners

Fifty States Under God for Young Learners is a color-cut-and-paste workbook covering all 50 states in the order of statehood!

This book will help build character, patriotism, and Christian values through interesting information about people associated with each state and will develop a love for history and an enjoyment of geography at an early age.

* Presents the 50 states in the order of statehood! Suggested teaching schedules are given in the introduction

* Includes many interesting and important facts from our 50 state history textbooks to help build character, patriotism, and Christian values.

* Provides information and activities appropriate to the level of young learners to pique their interest and feed their curiosity, developing a love for history and an enjoyment of geography at an early age. Although young students cannot read the text portions, the text emphasizes values to which children should be exposed. Most children can enjoy and profit from the information when it is read to them.

* Includes four fun workpages on each state, covering state symbols, mapwork, special people, date of statehood, capital city, motto, and nickname.

Category Description for Fifty States Under God

Traverse your way through the United States of America in order of statehood with these spiral-bound state studies. Developed for two different age groups, both books help students discover how the United States was formed over the years by introducing the states in the order in which they became states. In the book for older students, lesson plans at the front of the book provide teachers with an outline and a small timeline of important events surrounding the statehood of that state. This section also holds five review lessons and quizzes to be assigned periodically. The body of the book contains the state-specific pages; each state is allotted four pages to provide students with a complete overview. The first of these pages shares interesting facts about the state, along with space for students to write their own fact and draw a picture. The second page is the data page; this covers the state's nickname, motto, some symbols (bird, tree, and flower), historical sites, and a small map work section. Students decode the nickname and motto, read the passage on historical sites, cut and paste state symbols from the back of the book to the spaces provided, and complete the map work. The third page covers the state flag and seal (with an explanation of both), a list to fill in about industries and products important to the state (answers can be found in the appendix), and a "test" on the state's abbreviation, capital, and nickname. The last page offers an interesting reading passage on a notable event from that state. Appendices at the back provide the answers to the state data activities as well as the review lessons and quizzes.

In the newer book for young learners, much of the same format is followed; there are still four fun worksheets for each state, which cover state symbols, mapwork, special people, date of statehood, capital city, motto, and nickname. Suggested teaching schedules are still provided and this book is even more focused on building character, patriotism, Christian values, and a love for geography. Many younger students won't be able to read the text in the book, but will still benefit from having the information read to them. Activities include coloring, cutting, pasting, and learning about interesting people from each state. Full-color symbol pictures included at both levels. ~ Steph

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