All About Reading Level 2 Materials - 3rd Edition

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Grades: 1-2

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Publisher: All About Learning Press

About All About Reading Level 2 Materials - 3rd Edition

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Great program
I use AAR for my kids every year in our home school. Easy to use, fun for the kids, and the information really sticks with them.
April 18, 2018
6 months ago
Fun and easy to use
We love AAR. It’s interactive and repetitive without being boring. It is especially helpful to my students who need extra reinforcement of concepts.
February 23, 2018
8 months ago
My son is a relunctant reader and he begs every morning to do his new reading program!
February 1, 2018
8 months ago
Finally a program that is stress free for parent and child.
January 15, 2018
11 months ago
So far we have done level 1 & 8 lessons and we love the program. Very easy to understand & use
January 7, 2018
9 months ago
This program is such a blessing for my daughter
When my daughter asked me, "why doesn't "have" make the 'a' say it's own name when it has a silent e?", I knew I would need a curriculum that could answer questions like this.
Now she has more answers and confidence. She's reading very well!
October 28, 2017
11 months ago
I am loving it. I don’t have try and think of things to do everything is planned even down to what I say. So nice.
October 16, 2017
1 year ago
All About Reading Level 2
Level 1 was great and level 2 picks right up and continues to add new reading instruction that just makes sense.
May 12, 2017
1 year ago
Impressive Reading Program
I can't believe how much this set has helped my daughter. It systematically presents the rules needed to decode words, gives personalized review and helps the child practice reading with only the words she has learned. While I personally don't care for some of the stories, I appreciate that they are written in a way to not frustrate her, but to give her the practice she needs. In addition, the Teacher's Manual is well written and to the point.

I wasn't sure this program would be worth the money, but I truly think it is. My daughter enjoys the lessons and is becoming a great reader.
April 23, 2017
Everything looks great!
Order was exactly as ordered! Loved the free shipping!
April 1, 2017
1 year ago
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helps a dyslexic reader
Renee Z on Sep 20, 2018
I've heard a lot of good things about this and so I am giving it a chance
Jeanene L on Sep 4, 2018
helps a dyslexic reader
Renee Z on Sep 20, 2018
All About Reading has been my "go-to" for reading instruction. I love the scripted, step by step approach that appeals to so many different ways of learning.
Kara L on Sep 12, 2018
I've heard a lot of good things about this and so I am giving it a chance
Jeanene L on Sep 4, 2018
We are moving out of Level 1 and need to continue
Valerie on Aug 31, 2018
This program (Level 1) was a hit with my daughter and has given her a good foundation for reading. She enjoys the readings and the daily activities that go along with the instruction. On to Level 2!
Laura S on Aug 18, 2018
This is the curriculum requirement for my Childs school
Jessica M on Aug 16, 2018
i am buying the timberdoodle curriculum kit but this was cheaper on rainbow resource center
ida s on Aug 15, 2018
This is a fantastic reading program! My struggling reader found it to be very helpful and easy to learn.
Angie C on Aug 13, 2018
Perfect for kids with learning disabilities or kids who are reluctant readers.
Gina S on Aug 4, 2018
We just completed AAR Level 1 and LOVED it!! Can't wait to start Level 2!!
Carrie P on Aug 3, 2018
We love this program!
Jennifer J on Aug 2, 2018
I love all about reading - it is easy for me to use as homeschool mom and proceeds slowly with lots of review for the student. Its a wonderful program and has helped my son (age 7) enjoy reading again!
Joelle G on Aug 2, 2018
We had great success with Level 1 last year! We look forward to learning more this year.
Lindsey D on Jul 17, 2018
This reading program creates a very hands on experience for the learner by providing the essential building blocks and phonemic awareness to build a good strong foundation for learning how to read! We just love it!
Gloryanne M on Jul 16, 2018
We have decided to stick to this program. Right now we are using the Pre-k and it is working well for us.
Debbie W on Jul 12, 2018
My son and daughter just finished Level 1 and were so excited to get started right away on Level 2
Tami K on Jul 11, 2018
We completed All about reading level 1 during 1st grade and plan to use all about reading level 2 during the summer into 2nd grade. My son is doing well with this program.
Monet H on Jul 8, 2018
AAR Level 1 worked great for us! Moving on to Level 2!
Elaine W on Jun 8, 2018
We are just finishing up level 1 with our 10yr old dyslexic son. He has been able to retain the information presented which makes us hopeful level 2 will continue to help him.
Amber L on Jun 5, 2018
We loved All About Reading level 1 and were ready to move on to the next level.
Molly B on May 16, 2018
My daughter made wonderful progress with level 1 and couldn't wait to start level 2.
Stacy Q on May 16, 2018
My son age 8 has finally learned how to read with " All About Reading" level 1. Now he is ready for level 2. This is an excellent reading program for students with dyslexia. So happy to find AAR. Thanks!
Rosita G on May 6, 2018
love this program! It helped my daughter to read and we are continuing this program along with all about spelling
kim m on Apr 30, 2018
I purchased the level 1 set and my daughter loves it and has learned so many words and is reading well. So I hope to continue using this to give her a good foundation in phonics.
Sandi D on Apr 17, 2018
My child did very well with level one. Just moving ahead.
Amanda M on Apr 17, 2018
We had great progress with Level 1! We're excited to get started with Level 2!
Meliss B on Apr 17, 2018
I used level 1 with my reluctance reader and he has grown leaps and bounds. That is why I ordered level 2. We can’t wait to start it!!
Marcus S on Apr 5, 2018
loved level one with my five year old and now he is ready for the next level
Jennifer T on Apr 2, 2018
My son has LOVED Level 1. We love the multi-sensory approaches. We're excited to tackle level 2!
Anjanette G on Mar 25, 2018
We are completing Level 1 soon and I want to be able to move right on to Level 2.
Amy H on Mar 24, 2018
Works great for my son
b ok b on Mar 12, 2018
We did AAR level 1 and my daughter insisted on staying with the same curriculum for level 2
heather c on Mar 3, 2018
We have loved All About Reading! We did the first level with my 7 year old daughter and she is so excited to do the next level!
Jennifer H on Feb 28, 2018
she finished the first one
Minka M on Feb 27, 2018
This is a great program and has really helped my son!
Chrissy S on Feb 26, 2018
We use All About Reading 1 and love it!
KELLI S on Feb 22, 2018
My daughter with dyslexia has thrived SO much with this program. It has been a such a blessing for us!
Denise K on Feb 19, 2018
my child needs help with reading the first level seems to be working so I wanted the next level before we finish the first one.
Joseph G on Feb 19, 2018
We used AAR level 1 with great success for my dyslexic son. Moving forward with level 2 now.
Angela G on Feb 7, 2018
We used All About Reading Level 1 and I liked it. The first couple lessons, I was a little overwhelmed with how much they wanted the child to fit into each lesson, but it was a learning curve on my part.
Stephanie J on Feb 6, 2018
I'm completely happy with All about Reading 1
Melissa J on Jan 26, 2018
My kindergartener has flown through both the Pre-Reading & Level 1 and loves the stories. Going to finish out the year with level 2.
Jamie H on Jan 16, 2018
We are almost finished with Level 1 All about reading and we love this program!
esther l on Jan 8, 2018
All About Reading is an amazing program without holes. I feel it is the best program I have came across that is easy to implement and fun for learners.
Rebecca C on Jan 7, 2018
Second level of program using to homeschool my autistic son. Love program.
Merideth T on Jan 4, 2018
My daughter flourished with All About Reading Level 1 and she is very eager to move on to level 2.
Mindi C on Jan 4, 2018
My struggling reader did great with level 1. Looking forward to progression with level 2!
Katherine P on Jan 2, 2018
I'm looking forward to starting this with my 10 year old to catch up and lay a better foundation
Dan H on Dec 31, 2017
done with level 1
Laura H on Dec 29, 2017
Recommended in a homeschooling article.
Joanna T on Dec 27, 2017
All About Reading has been my "go-to" for reading instruction. I love the scripted, step by step approach that appeals to so many different ways of learning.
Kara L on Sep 12, 2018
We are moving out of Level 1 and need to continue
Valerie on Aug 31, 2018
My daughter is 6 and is already reading very well (about 3rd grade level.) Would she benefit from this curriculum, or should I choose something else? I don't want her to be bored, but I also don't want to skip over anything that she needs to know. Thank you!
A shopper on Sep 24, 2017
All About Reading Level 2 Materials - 3rd Edition
All About Reading Level 2 Materials - 3rd Edition
All About Reading Level 2 Activity Book - 3rd Edition
All About Reading Level 2 Activity Book - 3rd Edition
All About Reading Level 2 Student Packet - 3rd Edition
All About Reading Level 2 Student Packet - 3rd Edition
All About Reading Level 2 Teacher's Manual - 3rd Edition
All About Reading Level 2 Teacher's Manual - 3rd Edition
BEST ANSWER: I really love this program, but my daughter is also a very strong reader and she became bored with it quickly. I would consider either going up a level (check with the placement tests on their site) or choose something else. The benefits are that you mostly read together, play games, and go over the writing is minimal. I found this program works best with my son who isn't quite as strong of a reader and needs repetition and more hands on activities.
My daughter is 6 and can already read very well (about 3rd grade level.) Should I choose a different curriculum?
A shopper on Sep 24, 2017
BEST ANSWER: This is just my personal opinion, but if she's already reading that well, I would suggest simply reading--don't even bother with a reading "curriculum" at this point. That's what I've done after completing AAR level 2 (I haven't continued on to the higher levels). However, when you're ready to start working with her on spelling, I would highly recommend All About Spelling! It is very thorough, logical, and teaches to all sorts of learning styles!
Is level 2 more at a first grade level or a second grade level?
A shopper on Sep 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I don't know because All About Learning Press says they don't go by grade levels. However, I believe there are assessments online that you can give your child to see which level would best suit them. There are only 4 levels and by the time that's complete they will have all the tools they need in the "learning to read" phase of education. We're just about done level 4 and my son is reading very well. Hope this helps until someone with more "expertise" chimes in!
Hi! We're on track to finish Level 1, Second Edition in a couple of months.... I've heard that 1st and 2nd editions don't quite match up. Is this also the case with 2nd and 3rd editions?
Sara M on Jan 25, 2017
BEST ANSWER: We went from level 1 first edition to level 2 second edition- the transition was seamless. 2nd edition is really great- it adds more comprehension questions and activities to go with the stories and a better variety of activities.
So does the AAR Level 2 materials for $119.95 come with everything I need for my 1st grader? Flash cards, activity book, readers, etc.?
A shopper on Mar 31, 2016
BEST ANSWER: You also need to purchase the reading interactive kit that is used with all reading levels and spelling levels. If you already have it then, yes, the AAR 2 material package will have everything else you need.
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