Advanced Chemistry Labware Set

Advanced Chemistry Labware Set

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Product Description:

Looking to set up a serious chemistry lab at home? This quality 80-piece set provides nearly everything you need to get started! Contents include Borosilicate glass beakers in the following sizes: 50 ml.250 ml. (2 included), and 600ml., two graduated glass cylinders (10 ml. and 100 ml), three Borosilicate Erlenmeyer flasks (50 ml., 250 ml., 500 ml.), vacuum filtering borosilicate glass flask (250 ml.), borosilicate, flat-bottomed boiling flask (250 ml), volumetric flask (250 ml.), wickless alcohol burner, burner stand, borosilicate thistle tube (250 mm.), glass funnel (75 mm diameter/65 mm. stem), 10-pack filter paper, mortar and pestle (80 ml.), 2 Amber glass Boston Round Bottles (125 ml.), 2 Amber glass Boston Round Dropping Bottles (30 ml.), 2 flint glass Barnes Dropping Bottles (30 ml.), tubing pinch clamp, glass Mohr measuring pipette (10 ml x 0.1 ml), stainless steel spatula and spoon (150 mm.), six glass stir rods, six dropper pipettes (medicine droppers), twelve borosilicate glass test tubes (16 mm. x 150 ml.), 2 test tube racks, test tube holder, large test tube brush, number 6.5 rubber stoppers in three styles: solid, 1-hole, and 2-hole, number 0 rubber styles in three styles (solid (3), 1-hole, 2-hole), twelve pieces of glass tubing (5 mm OD x 30 cm. long), rubber tubing (4.8 mm ID x 2’ long), watch glass (100 mm. diameter), safety googles, lab apron, and one pair neoprene/latex safety gloves (size medium). You will need to supply denatured alcohol and the chemicals. Pipette filler or 10 ml. Pipette pump are optional. Meeting the needs of the serious, inquisitive science student (or spouse!) in your home, the investment in this lab kit will successfully take your student into their high school (and beyond!) chemistry studies. ~Deanne

Publisher Description:

This advanced chemistry set is full of labware and equipment that’s perfect for high schoolers, homeschoolers, amateur chemists, or even professional scientists setting up a home chemistry lab. This quality Home Science Tools glassware is durable with easy-to-read markers making it simple for achieving accuracy with measuring and mixing. Inside this 80-piece set you’ll find an assortment of glassware, lab tools, chemistry equipment, and personal protective equipment!

Set includes: Beaker, 50 ml, borosilicate glass; 2 Beakers, 250 ml, borosilicate glass; Beaker, 600 ml, borosilicate glass; Graduated Cylinder, 10 ml, glass; Graduated Cylinder, 100 ml, glass; Erlenmeyer Flask, 50 ml, borosilicate glass; Erlenmeyer Flask, 250 ml, borosilicate glass; Erlenmeyer Flask, 500 ml, borosilicate glass; Vacuum Filtering Flask, 250 ml, borosilicate glass; Flat-Bottomed Boiling Flask, 250 ml, borosilicate glass; Volumetric Flask, 250 ml; Wickless Alcohol Burner (you can buy ethyl alcohol fuel from HST); Burner Stand, wire with attached gauze; Thistle Tube, 250 mm, borosilicate glass; Glass Funnel, 75 mm diameter/ 65 mm stem; Filter Paper, 11 cm diameter, 10 pack; Mortar and Pestle, 80 ml; 2 Amber Glass Boston Round Bottles, 125 ml/4 oz; 2 Amber Glass Boston Round Dropping Bottles, 30 ml/1 oz; 2 Flint Glass Barnes Dropping Bottles, 30 ml/1 oz; Tubing Pinch Clamp; Mohr Measuring Pipette, 10 ml x 0.1 ml, glass (buy a pipette filler or 10 ml pipette pump separately); Spatula and Spoon, stainless steel, 150 mm; 6 Glass Stir Rods, 150 mm; 6 Dropper Pipettes (medicine droppers); 12 Test Tubes, 16 mm x 150 mm, borosilicate glass; 2 Test Tube Racks, each with 6 holes & drying pegs; Test Tube Holder; Large Test Tube Brush; 1 No. 6.5 Rubber Stopper, solid; 1 No. 6.5 Rubber Stopper, 1-hole; 1 No. 6.5 Rubber Stopper, 2-hole; 3 No. 0 Rubber Stoppers, solid; 1 No. 0 Rubber Stopper, 1-hole; 1 No. 0 Rubber Stopper, 2-hole; 12 Pieces of Glass Tubing, each 5 mm OD, each 30 cm long; Piece of Rubber Tubing, 4.8 mm ID, 2' long; Watch Glass, 100 mm diameter; Pair of Safety Goggles; Lab Apron, 8 mil vinyl; Pair of Safety Gloves, neoprene/latex, size medium

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