Dominion: Seaside Expansion

Dominion: Seaside Expansion

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Item #: 048453
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Product Description:

This expansion has 26 new sea-themed action cards. You will need the original Dominion® to play with these expansion cards.

Category Description for Strategy Games for All Ages:

Please also see our Logic - Games section for more excellent strategy games.

Category Description for Dominion:

True to form, this unique card game has completely dominated our game nights! I don't even know how many games (hundreds?) we've played in the last year or so. If we have a spare hour, you'll probably find us at our friends' house, playing a game or two. Dominion is composed of three different types of cards: treasure cards (copper, silver, and gold), victory point cards (estates, duchies, and provinces), and over 20 different action cards. Your goal is to have the most victory points at the end of the game.

To begin, 10 action cards are chosen randomly and laid out in piles (there are ten copies of each card) on the table alongside the treasure and victory point cards. All of these cards are now available for purchase. Each card has a cost, ranging from 0 (a copper) to 8 (a province), although the majority of the cards cost between 3 and 5 coins. Each player starts the game with their own personal deck consisting of 7 coppers and 3 estates. To begin, each player shuffles their deck and takes five cards into their hand, leaving the rest of their deck face down as a "draw" pile. Play moves clockwise around the table with one person playing at a time. Players use the cards in their hand to buy additional cards. There are two phases to each turn - a player may play one action card, and then he may buy one card. When he is finished, his entire hand is placed in a discard pile and he draws five more cards for his next turn. Whenever the draw pile runs out, the discard pile is shuffled and placed back in the draw pile.
 The action cards vary greatly, but all are designed to better your deck and enhance future turns. There are action cards that give you extra buys, extra coins, extra actions, and extra cards in your hand. These four elements (in a variety of different combinations and variations) are the most common, but there are plenty of other unique action cards as well. Some of these allow you to gain a card costing up to four coins, play an action card twice, discard cards out of your hand and replace them with new cards from your draw pile, trash a card from your hand and gain a card costing up to two coins more, etc. Attack cards help you and affect other player's decks at the same time (each other player discards two cards, each other player must take a victory point card out of their hand and place it back on their draw pile, steal a treasure card out of another player's hand). By buying action cards as well as better treasure cards, eventually your deck will be rich enough that you can begin to buy some of the more expensive victory point cards. It's a careful balance, though, since victory cards cannot be used during game play but are kept in the deck just like the rest of the cards - if you begin buying points too early, they clog up your hand and weaken your deck, but if you start buying them too late, there might not be many left! Please note that some families may object to a card or two, although these can easily be removed from play without detriment (such as the Witch, which is an attack cards that gives Curse cards - worth -1 victory points - to other players).
 The variety of action cards makes each game different from the last, and smart players will soon pick up on which cards interact well together and which cards render others virtually useless. Each new mixture of action cards requires a slightly different strategy in order to win the game. The combinations are endless, especially since there are also multiple expansion sets available. These sets offer all new cards which can be mixed in with the originals for even more variety. We recommend that beginners start with only the original cards to get used to the game play before adding on, but it won't be long before you're ready for more! Please note that the "Intrigue" expansion can stand alone as it also contains victory and treasure cards, but the other expansions include only new action cards and must be used with either the original or Intrigue games. We have accumulated each expansion as soon as it becomes available, and we have not yet begun to tire of this game. 
 For 2-4 players, though if you have both Dominion and Intrigue, there's no reason why you can't have multiple games going simultaneously. The only question is, who will dominate at your next game night?

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Rio Grande Games
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It was recommended by my son for my grandson's birthday gift.
Anna N on May 14, 2019
gift for Christmas
D E on Nov 23, 2018
It was recommended by my son for my grandson's birthday gift.
Anna N on May 14, 2019
Great price!
Dane F on Dec 6, 2018
gift for Christmas
D E on Nov 23, 2018
gift for son-in-law
Elizabeth C on Nov 21, 2018
Love the Dominion game and wanted an expansion pack to make the game more interesting. Probably will buy more in future. This is the new favorite game among 5 boys and 2 parents
Maria W on Jan 1, 2018
My son requested this expansion set. Our family greatly enjoys Dominion.
Margret on Dec 7, 2017
Amazing Game
robert v on Sep 30, 2017
Best price for expansion to a fantastic game. Free shipping
Blake B on May 18, 2017
My son got the Dominion game for the family as a Christmas present and they cannot stop playing. The entire family enjoys this one. They wanted an expansion set to add to their strategy.
Kathy R on Jan 6, 2016
Some of our friends have this game, and we have really enjoyed playing it. The game is great for a group and allows for conversation and interaction.
Beth E on Jan 3, 2016
Great price!
Dane F on Dec 6, 2018
gift for son-in-law
Elizabeth C on Nov 21, 2018
5.0 / 5.0
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Great Price
Great Price
January 6, 2019
1 year ago
good fun
A great game to complement original Dominion.
January 30, 2018
1 year ago

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