All About Spelling Level 6 Student Material Packet

All About Spelling Level 6 Student Material Packet

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Item #: 047998
ISBN: 9781935197331
Grades: 6-8

Product Description:

Level 6 Materials Packet includes sound cards, key cards, word cards, spelling strategies chart, homophones list, syllable division rules chart, I-Before-E book, three letter tiles, tricky words list, word banks, progress chart, stickers, certificate of achievement.

Publisher Description:

Each packet includes:

  • Three sets of flashcards that help your student learn and review phonograms, words, and spelling rules. Flashcards are printed on sturdy cardstock, ready to be separated on the micro-perforations.
    • Sound Cards for learning to write the phonograms
    • Key Cards for learning the spelling rules
    • Word Cards for mastering the spelling words
  • An I-Before-E Book that enables the student to easily recognize, categorize, and internalize when to use ie and ei.
  • A Syllable Division Rules Chart that helps your student recognize, internalize, and apply the rules for dividing words.
  • Word Banks that reinforce certain spelling concepts and improve your student's visual memory of words with a particular sound.
  • Additional materials such as the Spelling Strategies Chart, Homophones List, three advanced phonogram tiles, and the Tricky Words List.
  • Progress chart to keep track of completed lessons.
  • Happy Words Stickers to mark the progress chart.
  • Completion certificate to celebrate your student's success.
Category Description for All About Spelling Level 6:

Teaches how to tell when to use different endings, such as -ible/-able, -cle/-cal, -il/-el/-al/-le, exceptions to the "I before E" rule.

Category Description for All About Spelling:

All About Spelling was specifically designed for homeschoolers and tutors with scripted lessons that take the guesswork out of teaching. It has a bunch of helpful features great for one-on-one instruction. All About Spelling takes a multisensory approach so that the student can be successful in spelling regardless of his particular learning style. The program can be customized for each student, with daily review of concepts the individual needs to cover. For each level, you will need the Teacher Manual, student Materials packet and either the Basic or Deluxe Interactive Kit. The Interactive Kit components are used with all levels of the program but are NOT included in the Teacher Manuals or Student Material Packets so you will need to purchase one of them initially as you begin the program. For the teacher, the lessons are scripted for pick-up-and-go daily usage, with plenty of teaching tips built into the lesson right where you need them. Take a little time to read about 10 pages to familiarize yourself with the programs approach, punch out and sort the materials provided, and youre ready to roll!

The key to this program is learning phonograms, which are the sounds that a letter or letter combination make. Using this approach, after learning his phonograms, a student knows what his choices are for spelling that particular sound. Different researchers have come up with different numbers of phonograms that exist in the English language. The phonograms used here are based on the work of neurologist Dr. Samuel Orton and psychologist Anna Gillingham and includes 72 phonograms that the student learns and uses over the 7 levels. Each level includes a teacher book and a student materials packet. The Interactive Kits contain items used with all 7 levels, including divider cards, durable color-coded phonogram tiles, and optional peel-and-stick magnets used with the phonogram tiles so that they can be used on a magnetic board as well as a level surface. Instructions for downloading the Phonogram Sounds App from the publishers website are included. The only other items youll need are an index card box (unless you choose the Deluxe Interactive Kit) and lined notebook paper. Levels are not related to grade levels, but rather skill levels (our suggested grade levels are just a rough guide of where many students will be). Each book contains around 25 steps, or lessons. Some of the major concepts covered in each level are mentioned below. 400-450 words are specifically covered in each level, but remember that these are really example words; the program is giving the student the tools to spell any word using the phonogram approach.

In Level 1, students first learn the 26 most basic phonograms corresponding to the letters of the alphabet. Unlike phonics programs, which tend to teach short vowel sounds and hard consonants sounds first, All About Spelling teaches all possible sounds for each phonogram. For instance, the letter (and phonogram) A can make a short A sound (apple), a long A sound (acorn), and the "ah" sound (water). Phonograms are shown on yellow Phonogram Cards in the student materials packet with the letter or letter combination on the front. On the back are the sounds made by that phonogram, and a key word with that sound. Student or teacher can also listen to the pronunciation on the Phonogram Sounds App by clicking on the color-coded phonogram; after the initial letters, phonograms are grouped here and elsewhere in the program according to vowel and consonant "teams". After the phonograms are learned, oral exercises are included in the book to ensure that the student can discriminate the sounds in a word and identify the phonogram that he hears. Another exercise has the teacher dictate a sound from a Sound Card (red) to ensure that the student can write the phonogram that is spoken. Key Cards (blue) are used to highlight definitions or spelling rules. Word Cards (green) contain words used to test the students understanding; the student either spells the words using the phonogram tiles or writes the words on paper.

While this may sound complicated, the teacher book couldnt be easier to follow. Goals for each step are shown at the beginning of each step, as well as specific materials needed. Review begins every lesson, and the concepts and words being reviewed are based on areas that the student needs practice. Pictures of the particular cards or tiles used in the lesson are shown at the point of use in the book. Lessons have just the right amount of scripting so the teacher is never at a loss for what to say or do next. Additional words for practicing a just-learned concept are also given. Teaching tips and side notes are right where you would expect them. A cardstock Progress Chart shows the students advancement through the steps of each level; upon completion the student gets a suitable-for-framing Certificate of Achievement.

This spelling program is designed to be used with students who can read at a beginning level (able to read consonant-vowel-consonant words and words with blends such as stop and fast). Also, keep in mind that this program focuses entirely on spelling and does not include vocabulary.

This spelling program is unique in its multisensory approach to teaching spelling, and may help students succeed who might otherwise struggle. Kudos to author Marie Rippel for putting together such a well-designed program for student and teacher alike. ~ Bob

Packets contain phonogram cards, sound cards, key cards, word cards, syllable tags, syllable division rules, word banks, Jail for Rule Breakers, progress chart, certificate of achievement, stickers, and other items specific to that level.

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I have been using this curriculum for years
Brenda M on Apr 28, 2021
We have loved All about Reading and these packets naturally complement the next phase of reading...spelling.
Tara S on Jul 29, 2019
I have been using this curriculum for years
Brenda M on Apr 28, 2021
We love AAS!
User on Jun 16, 2020
We have loved All about Reading and these packets naturally complement the next phase of reading...spelling.
Tara S on Jul 29, 2019
I have used this series from the start and it works very well for my children.
Serene S on Sep 10, 2018
A friend suggested it & after looking it over, I decided it was best for my student.
Brandy H on Oct 11, 2016
We have been using All About Spelling from the start of our homeschooling, and my daughters love it! They learn why words are spelled the way they are. Spelling rules become meaningful in this program which makes them easy to remember and use. I highly recommend it.
Soria P on Sep 28, 2016
All About Spelling is a wonderful program, especially for students who have difficulties with spelling
Kristina R on Sep 20, 2016
We love AAS!
User on Jun 16, 2020
I have used this series from the start and it works very well for my children.
Serene S on Sep 10, 2018
Is there a list of the tiles included in this level? Thanks!
A shopper on Aug 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: There are very few new tiles at this level. They are "Advanced Phonograms", "mb", "gu", and "augh". You will need all the tiles from the previous levels for Level 6.
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