Excellence in Literature - English 1: Intro to Literature

Excellence in Literature - English 1: Intro to Literature

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Fourth edition (2021). Introduction to Literature (English I) starts with an in-depth look at five popular short stories and then covers Around the World in Eighty Days, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Jane Eyre, Pygmalion, Treasure Island, Animal Farm, The Tempest, and Gulliver's Travels. 172 pgs, pb

This series lives up to its name: Excellence in Literature. Designed to both teach students to read with discernment and to train them to be independent, self-motivated learners, they will likewise be introduced to great literature from the Western tradition and provided with tools to strengthen their writing skills. In other words, they will be well-prepared for college classes. Updating to a Fourth edition (2021), each updated manual provides more content on essay-writing, augmented model essays, and an expanded section on evaluating writing.

Each course is a non-consumable manual with outlines for nine units of study each with four weeks of assignments. Students read and respond to great literature - great because the selections reveal truth through the power of story. And although each unit has a focus text, additional reading is also expected - contemporary poetry, essays, biographical sketches, etc. Also provided are suggestions for additional reading and writing assignments for those wanting to count the course as an Honors English course. Assignments follow a typical path but they have been carefully chosen so that knowledge and skills build sequentially although a competency level of literary analysis and writing skills are assumed. If the student is unsure about these, he should consider two resources as prerequisites (or do them concurrently) - Teaching the Classics and Elegant Essay. Although the student is expected to do his own contextual research (information about author and story background), directed paths are provided in the form of quality web links and research suggestions - and these are extensive (audio, video, visual arts, music, historic/geographic context, places to go, and relevant quotes).

During the completion of each four-week unit, students will complete a number of written assignments including author profiles, approach papers, historical papers, and 750 -word essays usually from a choice of topics. Not to worry, though. A Formats and Models section provides exactly what it sounds like - formats for the various types of papers accompanied by sample (model) writing papers prepared in accordance to the suggested format. Very helpful! Also helpful is the How to Evaluate Writing section and its Evaluation Rubric. The author's Handbook for Writers serves well as a writer's resource and is recommended.

The courses are designed for the student to work through independently. Assignments contain specific instructions. So what does that leave for the teacher/parent to do? Become a Writing Mentor, of course. Plan to spend some time each week with the student talking through assignments, literary gleanings, and preparation. The Mentor should also be prepared to either evaluate the papers - or find someone else to do so. Oh, and by the way, students will be compiling a binder-notebook-portfolio.

Although it may be hard to believe that the author, Janice Campbell, has packed so much into such a tidy package, it's true. Introductory information includes a course overview, FAQs, and short sections on How to Read a Book and Discerning Worldview through Literary Periods. At the back of the book is not only the amazing Formats & Model section, but also a helpful section on Honors preparation, and a glossary. The detailed unit lesson plans make up the rest of the course.

The author suggests the following scope and sequence: Introduction to Literature, Literature and Composition, American Literature, British Literature, and World Literature, but a student with appropriate literary course experience could "jump in" at any point to do one or more of the courses. These are excellent college-prep courses that allow the student to work independently, take a whole-book approach with a suitable emphasis on essay responses to literature, and can be easily "upgraded" to an Honors level. ~ Janice

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Using this in a co-op and it looks great.
Andria M on Jul 21, 2021
This seems like a solid college preparatory curriculum. The selected readings and writing assignments are challenging and interesting.
Nadeen C on Jul 1, 2020
Using this in a co-op and it looks great.
Andria M on Jul 21, 2021
We plan to pair this with Notgrass World History for a more reading-intensive and genre-balanced 9th-grade curriculum.
Jessica P on Jul 13, 2021
This seems like a solid college preparatory curriculum. The selected readings and writing assignments are challenging and interesting.
Nadeen C on Jul 1, 2020
for 9th grade english credit
Sarah D on Oct 21, 2018
My daughter needs this book for speech class for homeschool.
Maria L on Oct 3, 2018
I borrowed this book from a friend and while using it I realized that not only is it a wonderful find, but that I needed my own copy so that I could annotate as we go through it! My teen daughters, 13 and 15, are thoroughly enjoying this resource as a writing instruction guide.
Karyn S. on Sep 15, 2018
Looking for a literature and composition course for an upcoming high school student that encourages independent study and prepares them for college.
John W on Sep 5, 2018
Using in a co-op setting
Kimberly D D on Aug 15, 2018
English Class
Andrew S on Aug 9, 2018
Honors equivalent high school literature. Great reviews from other homeschoolers. Covers books that my student has not read yet.
Amy G on Jun 17, 2017
Everything I've bought from IEW is top-notch. My children already write with IEW, so it makes sense to do a coordinating literature program.
User on May 1, 2017
reputation of Excellence
susan t on Apr 13, 2017
Looking for a new literature course and this looks good for my 8th grader.
Carri D on Mar 10, 2017
Liked the selection of short stories & novels, and the coverage looks appropriately thorough, not dumbed down.
Celeste P on Feb 8, 2017
I wanted something that will help my son have a better understanding of what he is reading and be able to pick things out of his reading.
Lori U on Nov 24, 2016
We love this program. It is great for getting kids ready for college level courses.
Jessica S on Nov 4, 2016
Our homeschool group is using this curriculum.
Michele M on Sep 8, 2016
Shelly R on Sep 3, 2016
We chose EIL for our 13 and 15 year olds to learn a foundation in writing and analyzing literature. Using with Teaching The Classics by Adam Andrews and IEW's writing program.<br />Love it so far!
User on Sep 2, 2016
needed for homeschool co-op
Carrie M on Aug 31, 2016
General lit. course. Have done some Am. and some Brit. but wanted just general to use for both students.
Wendy J on Aug 24, 2016
Cathy Duffy Review
Debra K on Aug 15, 2016
Teacher asked
Sandra D on Aug 11, 2016
It was a required book for the Literature class we are enrolled in.
Timothy L on Aug 9, 2016
It looks like a good source to study literature at 8th grade level.
Marlene C on Aug 9, 2016
I appreciated how detailed the author was about the student being able to CLEP or use the courses for honors
diana b on Aug 8, 2016
Not happy with my current literature program. This one looks better.
Chris S on Jul 13, 2016
Reputation of IEW and past experience
mary kay r on Jun 29, 2016
Home school curriculum required
kristy r on Jun 6, 2016
I used English 2 with my son and really liked the way it was laid out especially with all the helps for me, as teacher and evaluator.
Karen H on Sep 24, 2015
We plan to pair this with Notgrass World History for a more reading-intensive and genre-balanced 9th-grade curriculum.
Jessica P on Jul 13, 2021
for 9th grade english credit
Sarah D on Oct 21, 2018
Which novels are needed for intro to literature?
Tiffany on Jan 31, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Module one is a series of short stories all found online. Then it’s Around the World in Eighty Days, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Jane Eyre, Pygmalion, Treasure Island, Animal Farm, The Tempest, and Gulliver’s Travels. There are additional Honors levels books to read as well if you take the Honors route. All the book lists are available online at the Excellence in Literature website.
I currently have a 7th grader who loves to write. We completed IEW intensive A and B and Narnia vol 1. We own the TWSS. She prefers the theme books between the two learning paths for IEW. My questions are: does EIL provide a clear growth path compared to IEW while combining liturature and isnt this what IEW theme books basically do? I am trying to figure out if I need to alternate Lit. with writing to ensure no gaps since we have been follow the IEW pathway layout. I could be making this harder than need be but want to stay the course of IEW but want to include a good literature program. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
User on Mar 4, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I hope I understand your question correctly. . .is EIL another level of IEW theme books? No. EIL is what IEW is working towards--clearly responding to literature or history or any other prompt. IEW uses literature as the topic when practicing a variety of compositions. The reading for the theme books we've used is light. EIL is a literature class for high school, with an honors track you can add on. It does offer helps for writing essays, but the helps are more of reminders. [Elegant Essay is a great tool to teach your student to write high school level essays.] Every month your child will read 1 full book (2 if she wants to do the honors). There are a couple different papers she will do for each author and book (1 extra paper for the honors per month plus a term paper). In case you wonder, we've done Narnia, Medieval, Fun & Fascinating theme books. This is our first year of EIL. We intend to use another EIL next year.
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Rated 5 out of 5
Novels with character development and cumulative essay writing guided step by step
Overall, I really LOVE this program. We HS for religious and rigorous reasons. We began this as an 8th grade Lit. Program in preparation for Highschool. The chosen novels had great appeal, both for character development and lexile rigor. Chosen novels gave way to much discussion and analysis at our kitchen table. Our twin boys are not exactly craving reading time, but the selection between honors or regular reading truly engaged them to finish each novel...craving to know how it ends. The writing piece gradually built upon one another in a very cohesive manner. By the end of the year, their ability to scrutinze and write a well planned essay from various points of view increased exponentially. The author guides the parent and student through the writing process succinctly and with excellent examples. Many of these reads, I was not exposed to until college, so to see my 8th graders exposed to such great literature at a young age has been a great blessing. We didn't have as much time to do the many fabulous links the author provided, but really enjoyed the few we did visit. Lastly, her rubric is very useful, but I chose to not use it for this first year. I gave an encouragement and an improvement suggestion on each paper. Another homeschool mom suggested not getting bogged down in detail grading in writing, until your child has mastered the art of writing. This concept worked very well for us, not only was there drastic improvement from the beginning of the year to the end, my boys now enjoy writing!! Video games are always a 10, and writing is about a 7....I can certainly be happy with that!! Especially in these teen years! Best of luck!
June 11, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
love this writing literature course!
I am grateful to have found this resource for our family. Our daughters have gleaned a deeper love of literature and insight into the researching/writing process through this course. I want to do each of her 5 courses with each of my 5 kids now!
June 5, 2018
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Challenging, but not overly challenging
I love that this course makes students learn a little about the authors. Not all literature courses do that and it often adds so much to the book. After unit 1, the coursework is very predictable. The rhythm of each unit makes this course easier to teach/complete. The book is set up for the student to work independently. It also includes advice/helps for the teacher to edit and asess the student's work. The Bronte unit is long because of the books, but it is balanced by shorter units later. My child did the honors work, and I thought it enriched the first book to read a second book right away from the same author or time period.
April 7, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Best for motivated high school students who are good writers already
This is a very challenging class. Nine classic fiction books are assigned during this class, 1 a month. A weekly schedule of what to read and what to write is outlined for the year. Each of the literary eras is discussed in the introduction. Context links are very helpful to establish the student's understanding of the world around the author, and ultimately, this is why I chose this book. Although smaller writing assignments are suggested in early part of each month, the guide provides 1 or more writing prompts for the culminating assignment, the literary analysis. An example of each kind of writing or essay is provided. There is an extensive glossary of literary terms included in the back of the book as well as a very nice rubric for grading essays. I substituted a grammar review for one of the assignments. I gave 4 out 5 stars only because I was looking for more of a focus on literary devices this year---but my student's writing has most definitely evolved!
March 7, 2018
Rated 1 out of 5
It is really just a guide of sorts but certainly not for an 8th grader!
December 2, 2016
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Are you need of an English curriculum to help your high school student prepare for college level work? Excellence in Literature-English 1 provides a reading list written assignments and even additional material that qualify it for an Honors English course The manual does take a little bit of time to become familiar with the format Once you are acquainted with the material it is very easy for both the teacher and student to use For homeschool parents that are wanting to make sure that their child is on track with College and University reading lists this program provides a wide array of authors novels classics short stories and other narratives that will help prepare your student for the rigors of higher education Composition and Literature courses
July 9, 2013

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