Spelling Workout 2001 Level A Student Edition

Spelling Workout 2001 Level A Student Edition

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Spelling Workout has all the components you need to lead students from simple sound-letter relationships to more complex spelling patterns.

Students learn spelling skills based on phonics through unique, cross-curricular reading passages, practice, and high-interest writing activities. Packed with flexible lessons, motivating activities, including fun riddles and puzzles, this dynamic program leads students to spelling success!

Category Description for MCP Spelling Workout 2001 Ed.:

This updated version is very similar to the older edition. The most noticeable differences are a more contemporary page layout and a reduction in sports-themed headings like "warm-ups" and "pep talks." Other differences include an extra writing activity at the end of each lesson in the student book, but the removal of references to warm-ups, final tests, and bonus words activities. All information and instruction on these activities are now found only in the teachers manual. While you can still "get by" using the program without the teachers manual, you may want the teachers manual to get the most out of the program. Some content has been updated, including several new reading/editing passages and a few new word lists. Aside from these differences most of the pages (while they may not match up exactly in page number) look very much the same. The size/length of the books have not changed. Basically, if youre trying to decide between the editions in your own homeschool, you wont lose out either way. However, if you are using Spelling Workout in a group/class/co-op situation, you will probably want to pick one edition and stick with it to ensure uniformity of word lists, and for ease of checking work. For a better value, homeschool bundles that include the student worktext and teachers edition are now available.

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Revised; Student Manual, Study Guide, etc., Illustrated
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Spelling Workout
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Modern Curriculum Press
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Tutor recommend it for my child
Jenna L on Jun 29, 2023
We love this spelling curriculum
Amanda T on Jul 20, 2022
Tutor recommend it for my child
Jenna L on Jun 29, 2023
as a supplement to another program we are using. We may use parts of it or all of it, depending on how things go
Sarah O on May 6, 2023
We love this spelling curriculum
Amanda T on Jul 20, 2022
Recommended by The Well-Trained Mind 4th ed for an open and go spelling curriculum for kids who spell easily. My child can spell basic words using word sounds so going this route seemed a good place to start and inexpensive.
Carinn A on Jul 1, 2022
simple intro to spelling for a first grader
Lanette T on Jun 28, 2022
Recommended in The Well Trained Mind
Tara E on Apr 22, 2022
This entire series has been effective for each of my children. It's reliable, affordable, and they actually enjoy doing it.
Alicia T on Dec 15, 2021
I've used all levels of these for all my kids and they work well. In general, the kids can do these without my help. I think spelling is about repeatedly seeing the word and repeatedly writing it, and these workbooks do that.
Erica S on Oct 1, 2021
For 1st grade language arts.
Laura B on Sep 19, 2021
I used this with my other two children and they loved it, I'm excited to start my 7 year old in it!
Madonna H on Sep 5, 2021
Recommended by Well-Trained Mind
Katie P on Sep 2, 2021
This program is awesome. My older child did well with it, so I am ordering it for my younger one now.
Leslie H on Jun 1, 2021
I used this for my two older children and I am looking forward to introduce it to my youngest.
Kenza D on May 4, 2021
Recommended by a RR advisor.
Becky L on Feb 21, 2021
Love this series! I am getting this for my second child as I found it very clear and effective for my first. Just enough reinforcement of concepts without being overly repetitive.
Jessica G on Jan 16, 2021
recommended in "A Well Trained Mind" by Wise/Bauer
Lisa F on Nov 4, 2020
This is a phonics-based curriculum. It teaches vocabulary at the same time it teaches the rules of phonics, which means it increases reading fluency and reading comprehension, just spelling proficiency.
Karen S on Sep 13, 2020
I've used this in the past and found it excellent.
Roxanne C on Sep 1, 2020
It was suggested I use these books for my son and they worked great for him!
Carrie H on Aug 31, 2020
For my kids.
Fenggang L on Aug 27, 2020
Recommended in the Well Trained Mind.
Olivia J on Aug 22, 2020
This series is exactly what the title suggests - a workout, which is exactly what my kids have needed. Rowena, Australia
Rowena V on Aug 6, 2020
As recommended by the Well-Trained Mind.
O S on Jul 27, 2020
I am starting this program from the beginning with my youngest two. I feel they will gain the spelling skills they need with little effort on my part. My oldest used this program, made it to regional spelling bees, and is still an excellent speller in college.
Melani M on Jul 11, 2020
friend recommended
Jennifer N on Jul 10, 2020
Recommended by a family member who has used it with her 4 boys.
Rashele B on May 29, 2020
Easy to use! The kids like these books and complete them on their own.
Brandy H on Apr 19, 2020
Used it before!
Jennifer G on Apr 17, 2020
recommended by a trusted homeschooling advisor. we completed this at the beginning of kindergarten and will repeat over the summer or at the beginning of 1st grade before moving on to level B.
Amanda C on Mar 16, 2020
Classical Education for a 1st grader
Danielle W on Feb 14, 2020
Dictionary included? Nice! Helps children to learn how to use a dictionary in book/paper form. This is a big plus in the steps of mastery of language! I also like the structure of this book and we're excited to put it to use in our homeschool instruction.
CHRISTOPHER C on Oct 18, 2019
I have been using these for years. They are easy for kids and parents!
Nezir S on Jul 16, 2019
I chose this to supplement All About Spelling for my daughter and provide her with some extra practice in Spelling.
Keary O on Apr 16, 2019
I have been using this series for my kids for years. I like it.
Lisa J on Jan 23, 2019
Great independent spelling practice, especially when you are homeschooling several children. Most of my kids have enjoyed these workbooks.
Racheal A on Sep 18, 2018
Well Trained Mind Resource Recommendation
Jessica B on Aug 24, 2018
Recommended in The Well-Trained Mind
Katy M on Jul 24, 2018
My kids really enjoy the MCP spelling workbooks. So much so that spelling is often their favorite subject!
Lauren F on Jul 23, 2018
Wanted a daily exercise for my 5 year old to practice.
Wendy H on Mar 17, 2018
Recommended in The Well-Trained Mind
Anne S on Mar 14, 2018
This program is recommended in "The Well-Trained Mind" and it appears to be a good level for reviewing and reinforcing what my child learned in the Sing, Spell, Read and Write Grade 1 program.
Christine B on Feb 24, 2018
Mentioned by a few resources, and is very affordable.
Dan W on Dec 23, 2017
Want to try this with my daughter. Heard good things.
Joy W on Sep 28, 2017
My kids really do well with this program.
Rita G on Sep 25, 2017
we've always used spelling workout and my 1st grader is starting spelling
Stephanie L on Aug 31, 2017
suggested by well trained mind
elizabeth G on Aug 21, 2017
It came highly recommended from several sources including The Well Trained Mind and seemed a perfect fit for my daughter's introduction into the world of spelling. I look forward to working in this book with her.
Traci on Aug 12, 2017
We loved this program for our first grader this year, so we are using it for his brother next year. It corresponds perfectly with plaid phonics! We love both!
Jill E on Jun 18, 2017
I have used Spelling Workout with my oldest son, I am looking for a simple but to the point spelling curriculum to use with 3 boys. All About Spelling is not working for us, as my boys like to work independently. Need to simplified our schooling.
OLIVIA V on Mar 15, 2017
I like this program's simplicity. It's what I used growing up and I use the same format with my children that we used in grade school.
Alicia P on Dec 29, 2016
as a supplement to another program we are using. We may use parts of it or all of it, depending on how things go
Sarah O on May 6, 2023
Recommended by The Well-Trained Mind 4th ed for an open and go spelling curriculum for kids who spell easily. My child can spell basic words using word sounds so going this route seemed a good place to start and inexpensive.
Carinn A on Jul 1, 2022
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Rated 5 out of 5
Great spelling curriculum
I love using this curriculum, and I especially like using this level for my new readers. It has a phonics review in the beginning and gently eases the student into learning harder and harder words. It methodically teaches the spelling rules throughout the curriculum, so I know my kids will learn to spell well.
June 1, 2019
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love it
This is a great book for kids to learn to spell. My kids love the activities and learn very well from them.
July 5, 2017
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
My 6 year old enjoys the variety of exercises in this book. Keeps it interesting for him, he does it mostly by himself, with me checking the work after, or helping in case he doesn't understand something. He reads really well however, and is able to read all the text in the book by himself. We're most likely to get the following edition.
November 9, 2015
over 8 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Looking for a good workout for young elementary age spellers? You might want to check out "Spelling Workout A" by Modern Curriculum Press My daughter now seven recently finished Workout A and has moved on to Workout B and I�m discovering many features that I like about this spelling curriculum Spelling Workout is a workbook series designed to teach spelling to young readers and writers The �A� workbook is the first and accordingly starts with several lessons devoted to reviewing letters and letter sounds The student will first practice writing and reading letters and identifying beginning and ending letter sounds Lesson 6 is where the workbook moves into the format that you and your student will become familiar with in the rest of the workbook Each lesson presents several list words (you begin with six words per lesson and gradually build up to eight) The list words aren�t chosen randomly but center around one teaching concept presented on the lesson�s first page For instance Lesson 6 presents words with beginning and ending �s � �t � and �b� letter sounds Lesson 35 the final non-review lesson concentrates on action words with �ing� endings For each lesson the student is given a variety of exercises to help familiarize them with the words I like that the student is given ample opportunity each week to both read and write the words The repetition helps reinforce spelling but also gives early elementary students needed reading and writing practice The words are presented first in bold letters in a group of sentences the student can read on their own Eventually these sentences will become longer and form stories Then you�ll find spelling tips set off by a friendly little spelling �bee� graphic which help reinforce the week�s teaching concept Finally the student is given opportunity to interact with the words in a series of approximately five exercises each one designed to encourage the student to write the words in whole or in partThe variety of the exercises is excellent though the variety also has some consistency Early exercises include things like writing the missing beginning or ending sound of a word writing list words to finish each sentence writing list words beginning with the same sound as an object in a picture or writing list words that match a picture Each lesson also gives an opportunity for spellers to craft their own sentence (or later sentences) that tells a story describes something or provides directions Every few weeks a review lesson is presented with no new list words that week The variety keeps things interesting and the inclusion of simple drawings and black and white photos helps visual learners The pages are busy but not overwhelming and though the majority of the workbook is printed in black and white (which helps keeps the cost down) headers and borders are printed in one bright color: red for Workout A The workbook also contains a glossary in the back containing every list word your student encounters We loved this feature and utilized it to teach dictionary skills As lessons progress exercises become more challenging Students are introduced to different concepts as they write list words to match clues identify words that rhyme with list words or write groups of words in ABC order They�re also introduced to the concept of proofreading and taught to identify common mistakes such as spelling mistakes capital letter mistakes and missing periods This reinforces beginning grammar concepts As you can see there�s a lot of writing involved even if you choose to pace your student with only one lesson per week The writing spaces provided in Workout A are large three-lined spaces with a dotted middle line like those you will find in most writing workbooks for this age level and that helps But the amount of writing required leads to the one caveat in my recommendation: don�t rush into starting this book with your young speller if they are not yet confidently writing their lower-case letters If a student is still struggling with letter formation or simply needs some lower-case letter review they will likely balk at having to do so much writing early on Once they are writing with more confidence they will likely find the exercises enjoyable I have not yet purchased or used the teacher�s guide for the early Spelling Workouts so I�ve found it important to think through creative ways to reinforce spelling practice beyond the given reading and writing exercises Having young students spell the words aloud write the words on a white board spell them with tiles sketch them in the air or trace them in sand are all helpful for various learning styles With a little extra thought and guidance behind each lesson Spelling Workout A can be an excellent component of early language arts
October 30, 2009
Rated 5 out of 5
Although I thought this workbook was a little expensive (but still only $15) I have found it to be a good resource Each lesson is four pages long and has a variety of tasks The word lists are not overwhelming My daughter is a confident writer we do an entire lesson on Mondays review and quiz on Tuesday Wednesday off and then a new lesson on Thursdays and a review and quiz on Fridays The "Well- Trained Mind" suggests a few pages each day which would work out to be a lesson each week We are definitely going to continue with this series It has some pictures but they are small black and white and not distracting
October 25, 2007
Rated 5 out of 5
Spelling Workout is a basic public school style spelling program I am almost finished with A for my 7 and 5 1/2 year olds and now towards the end of the book they are having difficulty The words are too difficult for them to "get" after the brief (but fun) exercises so now I am making up my own activities to practice the words every day which equals more work for me Further every review lesson is a nightmare because they didn't really learn the words to begin with - then we have 40 words to work on! I am going to try Spelling Power for next year
April 19, 2007
Rated 5 out of 5
I hesitated to order a spelling program for my six year old/first grade son My son is very active and typically avoids workbook style school work My daughter uses an upper level Spelling Workout (Level G) and enjoys the variety of activities for each weekly lesson So I gave it a try I have been pleasantly surprised with Spelling Workout Level A My son enjoys the book The daily work is short and to the point He really seems to feel a sense of accomplishment when he figures out which words share the same sounds I did not buy the Teacher's Book I don't think you need it for this level However I own and use the Teacher Book for my daughter's level I reccommend this program and plan to continue with it I actually think I could have used the next level for my son so if you have an advanced reader buy the level above his/her grade level I don't think Spelling Workout is a Christian text However in nine weeks of lessons I have not come by anything in either level that I was uncomfortable with my children reading
October 23, 2006

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