Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting Series Book A Fourth Edition

Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting Series Book A Fourth Edition

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Item #: 005671
ISBN: 9780982776230
Grades: K

Publisher Description:

With clever illustrations and plenty of space for writing and drawing, this first book in the series introduces basic italic lowercase and capital letters, one letter per page. Includes numerals. Illustrated. Letter height 14mm.

New 4th Edition now available!

Dimensions: 11 x 8 1/2, 72 pgs

Category Description for Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting:

Mom's horrible handwriting inspired us to use an italic handwriting program with our kids. It's difficult not to produce at least legible writing in Italics. Another plus is that manuscript flows into cursive - letters don't completely change, they just join. Not only does this seem sensible to us, but the many compliments the children have received on their handwriting have further encouraged us in this approach. (Children begin moving into cursive writing in Level C.) The last level gets into calligraphy toward the end. From there, follow up with a good calligraphy book for Jr. High/High School and continue handwriting as an art form! Instruction Manual applies to all levels.

These materials are specifically graded and include both instruction and practice.

Primary Subject
Barbara Getty
Softcover Book
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Getty-Dubay Productions
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11.0" x 8.5" x 0.25"
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erin w on Jul 17, 2023
Starting my third kid on this series. We love it!
Rebecca K on Nov 1, 2022
Our Co-op made these selections
erin w on Jul 17, 2023
I grew up using this curriculum- and I love the way my older student has developed such tidy writing using it. Excited to get my second student started.
Laura D on Jul 5, 2023
Starting my third kid on this series. We love it!
Rebecca K on Nov 1, 2022
Extra copy of book we are using for penmanship.
Valerie W on Oct 1, 2022
I like the simplicity of this program.
Hannah C on Sep 12, 2022
I love Italic Handwriting, and hope to use this with my left-handed 1st grader.
Dyan C on Aug 11, 2022
Used this program with my older child who has beautiful italic handwriting, that came so naturally. She has no problem reading loop cursive, therefore it was an easy choice to repeat the program with the younger siblings. The affordability of the books is a huge plus with a large family.
Don A on Aug 10, 2022
I put five children through this book, now we are adding more children. Written by my college professors, I find these to be simple, gentle and painless. Our children with learning disabilities have even loved them.
Wendy B on Aug 10, 2022
I want my son to be able to form letters easily and to move from print to cursive smoothly. This Italic handwriting allows that to happen seamlessly.
Becky S on Aug 8, 2022
I bought this series because the key points for italic writing is simple and clearly described, especially on letter size and composition and space between letters. these always comfuse me and very hard to find books that explain them.
Ning Q on Aug 4, 2022
Used it myself as a child and want to my own kids to use it
Jennifer H on Mar 24, 2022
Picked these items to use as hand writing tools for our younger children. Our youngest children attend public school and they need to improve on their writing skills. We used these same books when we home schooled our older children and we were happy with the results using this product line.
Steven F on Oct 21, 2021
Recommended by Inclusive Academic Homeschoolers.
ANISSA S on Oct 13, 2021
This is our favorite handwriting curriculum for print!
Amy D on Oct 12, 2021
My daughter enjoys this handwriting curriculum and now I’m beginning to use it with my son. We haven’t gotten to the cursive part yet( I believe that’s book C) but it looks like it will be an easy transition to cursive.
Jessica B on Aug 14, 2021
I learned italic handwriting and loved it. Excited for my beginning writers to use this!
Kate S on Aug 11, 2021
My child really liked this font and asked if it could be his handwriting curriculum!
Hansen H on Jun 12, 2021
A friend has had good success using this program for her kids, and I like the simple pages and simple nature of this italic writing.
User on Jun 4, 2021
We need to work on penmanship and this script looks very natural.
Jimmy A on May 15, 2021
I used this for my two older children and I am looking forward to introduce it to my youngest.
Kenza D on May 4, 2021
This has worked so far for my young elementary level children; it's almost time to start their preschool aged sibling on the program.
Gabriela G on Mar 26, 2021
We used the Getty-Dubay Italics handwriting program with our ,now, grown children, and now that we homeschool our kindergarten aged grandson, will use the program with him, too. We like the ease of transition from manuscript to cursive writing.
Carmen M on Feb 21, 2021
All of my children have had success with this handwriting style.
User on Jan 22, 2021
I was advised through Carole Seid's homeschooling seminars to use this for teaching handwriting to our homeschooled children.
Anna G on Sep 1, 2020
I began using these handwriting books to teach my kids 6 yrs ago. I love them so much we keep coming back to get them every year for each up coming grade level!
Rebekah F on Aug 20, 2020
My mom ordered these handwriting books for me when she began homeschooling me and my handwriting dramatically improved. Now I get to order them for my own children, and help them write legibly and beautifully from the start.
Jamie F on Jul 30, 2020
I grew up using the full Italic Handwriting series, all the way through the calligraphy books, and loved it. The philosophy makes so much sense, and the books are clean, neat, and easy to follow. I'm excited to start teaching my own children Italic handwriting this year!
Stephanie E on Jun 24, 2020
This is the handrwriting program I use with all my kids!
Melanie M on May 12, 2020
We love this handwriting curricula
Christina G on Aug 18, 2019
My older children used this course in their school and they have lovely handwriting. I plan to teach my 4 year old slowly with this.
Kathryn M on Jun 15, 2019
I write cursive-italic, and this was recommended as a good series.
Annie D on Apr 20, 2019
My boy is struggling with penmanship (1st grade). I am looking for options since my oldest have poor penmanship using the current standards (6th and 8th grade). Trying to fix the problem with my youngest before it comes.
JESSICA J on Mar 2, 2019
To improve handwriting and transition into cursive
Deana D on Jan 11, 2019
handwriting for homeschool
Richard C on Nov 1, 2018
I grew up using these books and they were hugely influential in my developing good handwriting. Highly recommend.
Hannah H on Oct 25, 2018
We are using Handwriting Without Tears for Kindergarten, which is going well. However, we will need something to fill the Summer gap, and before my child is ready for the first grade book.My son needs arrows to remind him to begin above writing letters, and go down, not vice versa. This looks to do that.
User on Oct 12, 2018
This was recommended as a great curriculum. Feedback from one of your customers: a family member, a homeschooling mother, and also your customer for many years.
Susana Z on Sep 3, 2018
I took this series as a child through my young adult years. It produces beautiful handwriting in a straight forward format.
Hannah R on Aug 14, 2018
Used the italics books growing up, now I want my daughter to learn beautiful legible handwriting without unnecessary difficulties when transitioning between print and cursive
Jasmine R on Aug 9, 2018
We have really enjoyed Level A. A good method and pages that bend back easily -- which is helpful for either a left or right handed writer to maintain correct positioning.
Howard C on Jul 31, 2018
A friend recommended this program
Andrea J on Jul 21, 2018
This is my fifth child to use this program. It has resulted in beautiful penmanship when they complete the series. Penmanship is not dead-and yes, necessary in today's world.
Alicia C on Apr 14, 2018
I picked this series in order to do some remedial handwriting work with all my children. Rainbow has the best price! :)
Lindsey A on Feb 22, 2018
I don't like the font of other handwriting books so we are trying italics
Jennifer D on Nov 15, 2017
Our two homeschoolers are already exploring this.
Ricardo C on Sep 21, 2017
I learned handwriting through Getty Dubay as a child and now use it for all my children.
Elizabeth W on Sep 4, 2017
Getty and Dubay Italic has made my 4 oldest children beautiful writers. Starting #5 on this program just makes sense.
Kathryn S on Aug 28, 2017
I used it when I was home schooled 20 years ago and loved it!
Meryl K on Aug 21, 2017
Looks like the best choice for my first grader this year. I have used the same program with her older sisters and still have the teacher helps.
Elise E on Aug 1, 2017
I used Italic Handwriting for my older sons, and my youngest is now starting on it.
Christine S on Jun 30, 2017
I grew up using this curriculum- and I love the way my older student has developed such tidy writing using it. Excited to get my second student started.
Laura D on Jul 5, 2023
Extra copy of book we are using for penmanship.
Valerie W on Oct 1, 2022
Do you need the instruction manual or are the workbooks straight forward enough?
A shopper on Jan 13, 2022
BEST ANSWER: I got these to help my children when we were doing remote learning. I think teaching one-on-one I think you do not need the instruction manual (there are instruction reminders at the beginning of the notebook). If you are teaching a class, there are extra tips in the instructional manual that would probably be helpful.
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Rated 5 out of 5
Great Primer
This is a wonderful resource for handwriting!
June 25, 2020
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Easy to Use, good product
Produces a nice handwriting, we do one page a day as a f/up to book A. So my kindergartner has completed both A & B. This book does a lower case letter, then capital. I like that it has a couple of lines to just write the letter, then a sentence, this keeps it from getting too repetitious. Each page takes about 10 minutes to complete- just perfect in my opinion for handwriting
March 10, 2018
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love the simplicity and aesthetic
I looked at a lot of handwriting scripts (and tried a few with my children) before settling on Getty-Dubay. It is simple, aesthetically pleasing, and the cursive version is much simpler than most cursive scripts. I'm familiar with books A, B and C (neither of my children have advanced to D yet, but one is close). I don't have the instruction manual, but don't feel the need for one as each lesson page is pretty self explanatory. I like that Book A is arranged by letter family (so i, j and l are first) and that the lowercase is introduced first. My kindergartner tends to write in all caps and this program has helped him use more lowercase letters. (Book B is arranged alphabetically, which I think is good for older students or those who've completed this book and are ready to move on).

I highly recommend purchasing the Blackline Masters CD for extra practice. The half sheets it contains reinforce the basic lesson with letter repetition rather than whole words).
April 24, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5
We have been using "Italic" for the past several years and could not be more pleased with this product At the time I chose this series my son was in 2nd grade and really struggling with letter formation There was very little consistency in his letter size and formation and very little carry over from the program we were using I was dreading teaching him cursive because I knew he would feel as though he were learning a completely new alphabet when he didn't even have print mastered I decided to try the Italic program because of the consistent letter formation from print to cursive The transformation was amazing The books were very easy to use and the instruction was (and still is) embedded within the student's book I had my son do about 6 lines everyday and had him go back over his work each day to encourage him to grade his own writing He picked the best letter or word from each line and placed a star over it In the early days I would also occasionally have him pick the worst letter erase it and redo it The books give more than adequate practice in each letter without becoming boring or monotonous I now have 3 sons working through these books and have consistently seen results that are wonderful They all have beautiful elegant handwriting that always elicits comments from those who see it The handwriting style taught in these books goes beyond producing legible writers; it produces writers that have a lovely appealing style Though I consider nice handwriting invaluable the fact that this series is very inexpensive is a great plus (Especially for families with multiple children) It is even less expensive than the program I was using that was definitely not working Though there is a teacher's manual available I did not purchase it so I cannot speak to its effectiveness Our results have been sparkling with using only the student books Some critics of this program cite the fact that if a child does not write standard loopy cursive that reading it will be difficult I have addressed this issue by regularly having our sons dictate journal entries which I write into their journals with my standard loopy cursive They then read them out-loud back to me We have had great success using this method The website for Portland also offers assistance with this by having a section showing all the popular handwriting styles side by side with Italics It is easy to print off and place in your child's notebook should they need a quick referenceOverall I give this program an A+++ for value results and ease of use Often a person's first impression of us comes from our handwriting and I feel confident is saying that Italics will not disappoint
June 4, 2007
Rated 5 out of 5
This is the best handwriting curriculum on the market! My son was having fine motor trouble and this was a lot easier than any other program for him to use! When we began this program his handwriting was terrible! Now he has readable handwriting!! There is no teacher prep and the teacher's book is optional in my opinion I do have it but don't use it A great value for the price!!
May 1, 2007
Rated 5 out of 5
This is the only handwriting curriculum we have used My girls are 6 & 7 and have completed books A and B thus far There is virtually no prep work on my part The girls are even encouraged (by the curriculum) to check/critique their OWN work once they complete the 'lesson' We chose this style because the transition to cursive is minimal and it is very legible I do have the Instructors manual that accompanies this series Other than tips on correct posture pencil grip and paper position I haven't used it much My 6yo child is a perfectionist and she LOVES these workbooks My 7yo is not a fan of anything that requires effort (to put it lovingly) but her writing is very nice regardless I expected to move through these books at 1 per year but we completed books A and B in 5 months I bought the blackline masters for both books but have found that copy work is a more effective and fun way to practice I have had my girls doing copy work for several months to refine their skill and we are already ready for book C I am very pleased with this curriculum and will continue to progress through it!
April 26, 2007

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