Our Star-Spangled Story Curriculum Package

Our Star-Spangled Story Curriculum Package

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Grades: 1-4

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Our Star-Spangled Story is a one-year American history and literature course designed for students in grades 1-4. It combines the flexibility and richness of a unit study with the simplicity of a textbook-based approach to history.

The Curriculum Package includes:

  • Our Star-Spangled Story Part 1
  • Our Star-Spangled Story Part 2
  • Star-Spangled Rhythms and Rhymes (with access to stream or download audio recordings)
  • A Star-Spangled Timeline
  • My Star-Spangled Student Workbook
  • Our Star-Spangled Story Answer Key and Literature Guide

This package does include one Student Workbook. You may also want to order the Literature Package or additional workbooks for additional students.

Category Description for Our Star-Spangled Story (Gr. 1-4):

A new one year U.S. history course for grades 1-4 from Notgrass History, Our Star-Spangled Story features many of the same characteristics of their upper-level programs, including engaging lessons, full-color photos, a range of interesting activities and a corresponding literature option.

Parts 1 and 2 together include 90 lessons, 45 in each book. These are organized into 30 units, each with three lessons. All of the instructions for the lesson are found in Parts 1 and 2. Read the lesson from Part 1 or Part 2, and at the end of each lesson youll find a list of activities. These will utilize the other parts of the curriculum: completing a worksheet in the Student Workbook, doing a timeline activity in the Timeline book, even enjoying music and dancing in the Rhythms and Rhymes book.

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God Centered and Chronological.
Jessica D on Aug 5, 2022
I did Notgrass' Our 50 States this year and both my daughters and I loved it, so I'm excited to try out Our Star Spangled Banner with my youngest daughter this coming school year. I will also be doing Notgrass' Exploring America with my 9th and 10th Graders for the first time.
Cassandra F on May 27, 2022
God Centered and Chronological.
Jessica D on Aug 5, 2022
We are very excited for all the hands-on activities.
Kathryn M on Jun 14, 2022
I did Notgrass' Our 50 States this year and both my daughters and I loved it, so I'm excited to try out Our Star Spangled Banner with my youngest daughter this coming school year. I will also be doing Notgrass' Exploring America with my 9th and 10th Graders for the first time.
Cassandra F on May 27, 2022
Many people recommended this curriculum for elementary history, so after I researched and looked over everything included, I felt like this was a very good choice for our family to use.
Christine F on Apr 12, 2022
Good reviews. Older kids are doing America the Beautiful and Notgrass has a schedule to be able to coordinate this and ATB together.
Sandy L on Apr 11, 2022
To teach all the grade levels of my children as a family.
Ruby G on Sep 20, 2021
1 year american history curriculum, christian, beautiful, rich content, living books, simple activities/projects/questions as opposed to too many overwhelming options
Gina W on Sep 6, 2021
I need a history curriculum for my 1st and 4th grader. My husband thought it would be great to have them learn American history. I saw a review for this on YouTube and thought I would give it a try.
Cassy C on Sep 2, 2021
looks beautifully written and have seen many great reviews. I also like that it is family style and literature set can be included.
Sabrina L on Jul 21, 2021
I wanted a US History curriculum that used living books and hands on activities and this fits the bill.
Nicole E on Jul 12, 2021
I want my kids to learn about American history. Make America great!
Caryn G on Jun 27, 2021
We have loved other Notgrass History Curriculums
Dawn M on Jun 26, 2021
I liked the variety offered in the course - reading, beautiful pictures, poems, music, crafts. I think my visual student will enjoy the photos.
Anna W on Jun 1, 2021
Curriculum chosen for homeschool co-op,
Janel B on Apr 24, 2021
This looks like an incredibly fun history curriculum for my 2nd grader. I am looking forward to snuggling up and reading with him!
Michelle S on Apr 11, 2021
I care about American history.
Lindsay S on Apr 6, 2021
A friend recommended this curriculum for American History due to the interesting stories, good illustrations, and fun songs/activities. The price is also right!
Renee B on Mar 25, 2021
I've heard nothing but great things about this curriculum.
Stacey V on Feb 6, 2021
watched lots of review videos and this curriculum looked the best for my family. Hands on, yet structured.
Laura R on Feb 2, 2021
I have done extensive research & this seemed the best option for our family.
Amy W on Dec 26, 2020
We were specifically looking for sound history curriculum. My Star-Spangled Story curriculum was praised and recommended by a family, who also began homeschooling this year.
Melissa W on Oct 26, 2020
It was for multiple grades.
Monte K on Oct 14, 2020
I chose this Our Star-Spangled Story curriculum as I was so impressed with the sample that I downloaded: the beautiful photos and abundant illustrations, the music selections and variety of relevant activities that make history come alive. This program is highly rated online, and very FUN according to reviews. I want learning to be enjoyable. Children remember more when they find the subject enjoyable, meaningful, and engaging.
Karen M on Sep 9, 2020
I loved that I could use it with both my 1st and 4th grader. It also looks fun, engaging and of course educational.
Lisa B on Sep 2, 2020
to use for history
Jamie w on Sep 1, 2020
Kathleen I on Aug 29, 2020
I am homeschooling grades 1 and 3 so I wanted a curriculum they can do together.
Lisa L on Aug 9, 2020
Excited to have a subject that I can do with both our 1st & 4th grader!
Kevin H on Aug 9, 2020
Recommended by a friend.
Elena B on Aug 5, 2020
This looks like high quality and beautiful curriculum. I really hope that my children and I learn from and love this curriculum.
Lindsay D on Jul 24, 2020
My girls picked this curriculum out themselves.
April P on Jul 21, 2020
Recommended to me by a friend. It goes along with our cycle of Classical Conversations this year (Cycle 3).
Jennifer M on Jul 17, 2020
We decided to try this because I can teach my 1st and 4th grader's history at the same time. It also looks great because of the literature bundle that coincides with the curriculum. I am very excited to try this one out.
Dana S. on Jul 16, 2020
Highly recommended history curriculum
Rachel G on Jul 14, 2020
I saw a detailed review of this program on youtube and I really enjoyed it. I think it will be a good fit for doing with all my children at the same time.
Chanelle V on Jul 12, 2020
I'm really excited to try this out! I like the Literature-based approach, but feel like it often leads to too many gaps. I'm excited to try out this combination of textbooks, literature, and song and dance.
Kristen P on Jul 10, 2020
This looks so amazing! I have 5 kids and I can teach them history at the same time!!! I think they will love this curriculum, especially the literature that goes with it.
Lisa T on Jul 4, 2020
We really love learning history through living books. This program had an appealing format for their main 'text books' and a lineup of books that I thought we'd enjoy. The addition of the songs and rhymes was a fun extra I thought we'd enjoy as well.
Renae B on Jul 1, 2020
someone recommended it to me and we are in Classical Conversations and it goes perfectly with our cycle
Kristine A on Jun 15, 2020
It looks like so much fun!
Tabitha F on May 17, 2020
I've been wanting to try this with my 2nd-3rd grader. Been drooling over Notgrass for years!
Sara S on May 13, 2020
looks fun!
Heather S on Mar 14, 2020
Our first year homeschooling and we wanted to focus more on US history first and this curriculum looks bright and engaging
Kristin H on Mar 10, 2020
Comprehensive and easy to teach. Full of color with beatiful pictures. Engaging. Can be used with multiple children.
tiffany w on Mar 8, 2020
multi sensory learning style with a variety of activities
Cindy T on Sep 8, 2019
Can't wait to receive this curriculum!!!
Dmitriy G on Sep 5, 2019
I was looking for something that could get my 1st grade started on history/social studies. I heard good things about this and love that its an open and go that allows you to add thing if you want to.
Koldena Norma B on Aug 8, 2019
Christian world view open and go curriculum
K T on Aug 1, 2019
I saw it at a Teach Them Diligently Conference and liked the way the curriculum was laid out and the supplemental books assigned with the curriculum
Dawn B on Jul 17, 2019
Very excited to try this US History program for elementary age children
Sarah A on Jun 25, 2019
We are very excited for all the hands-on activities.
Kathryn M on Jun 14, 2022
Many people recommended this curriculum for elementary history, so after I researched and looked over everything included, I felt like this was a very good choice for our family to use.
Christine F on Apr 12, 2022
I am brand new to homeschooling this year, and am torn between Our Star Spangled Story and Our Fifty States. I will be teaching my second and third grader, who used Abeka History at their private school prior to this year. Do you have a suggestion on which option to go with? Thank you!
Briana on Aug 3, 2022
Our Star-Spangled Story Curriculum Package
Our Star-Spangled Story Curriculum Package
Our 50 States Curriculum Package
Our 50 States Curriculum Package
BEST ANSWER: Our family used Our Star Spangled Story last year, and we loved it. It was very easy to teach both my first and fourth grader from this curriculum, even my preschooler joined in from time to time with the games and dances taught through the online resources. Since I have not used Our 50 States or any Abeka history curriculum, I cannot compare or contrast.
I found this textbook to be well written and the supplemental activities and work are flexible to your family’s dynamics and preferences.
We often did our own deeper dives into people introduced by the text through library books, online videos, or podcasts. I appreciate that this curriculum opened up pathways for us to explore the things we found most interesting. I would expect Our 50 States would do the same.
How many lessons do people average per wk over a 9 mo/average school year? How long is each lesson? (1st grade)
A shopper on Jul 12, 2021
BEST ANSWER: It's 28 to 32 weeks per year. I teach for mastery so for us a 1 day lesson could turn into a week or a three day lesson might get just one. It usually works out. I didn't wind up using much of star spangled story. It became more of a supplemental resource. I found it too time intensive. We only have 30 minutes a day for social studies and our primary has become BJU Heritage Series with workbook. I'm not a fan of BJU other curriculum but Heritage studies is perfect. Read and look at pictures for 10 min then there's an activity in the workbook. Song, cut and paste. Match, ECT. Hope this helps.
Would you buy this if you only had a 4th grader going through it? I see it’s for grades 1-4. Would I be wasting my money to start late?
A shopper on May 6, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Absolutely! It's a delightful one-year course and both you and your 4th grader will love it. The grades 1-4 designation just means there are adaptations so you can use it with younger students also - say, if your 4th grader had a 2nd grade sibling.
Hello! I have 2 questions about this curriculum. First of all, I would be using it with a 2nd grader and a kindergartener next year. In your opinion, would kindergarten be too young for this history program? I'm not expecting my younger one to get as much out of it, but I also don't want the material to go completely over his head. Second, do you think this program could possibly be split over 2 years if all of the projects and activites were completed? We only have 3.5 days per week for school becasue my kiddos attend school on Tuesdays through an HSAP program and we attend Bible Study Fellowship on Wednesdays. Due to this, I am thinking of only spending 2 days per week on social studies. Thanks so much for any help you can give!
Jaclyn on Apr 6, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I have been using this curriculum with a 3rd grader, a 1st grader and a preschooler this year. I don't always require my preschooler to listen to the lesson (some of them can drag for younger kids), but she loves listening to the songs and participating in the crafts. The program has suggested literature to read aloud in addition to the lessons, and my children have loved every book that we have read so far. We already had other books that I wanted to use for read alouds, so we take a few weeks off from lessons about every two months and spend that time reading the literature instead. Because we did that we are only halfway through the program, so we're planning on finishing the rest next year. The units have 4 parts to them: 3 lessons and a larger craft project. We only have time for 3 days of history a week, so we've been trying to do the last lesson and craft project on the same day, but it makes for a long day. I think spreading a unit out over two weeks where you do two lessons one week and one lesson and the craft on the other week would be an awesome way to split it up. At that rate you would only make it through half the curriculum in a year. It's been a fun program for us. My favorite part has been the songs/poems that are included with most of the lessons. My kids love listening to them and it has helped them remember things that we talked about earlier in the year.
Does the CD of music come with this package?
Jaimee H on Jul 22, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The MP3 Audio CD comes with the Rhythms and Rhymes book and is part of the package.
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Rated 4 out of 5
Main text was great, skip the extras
I like the main text, it does jump around a bit, but was very engaging for my 4th grader. I don't think the supplement text added enough value to be worth the extra cost, so I'd skip them if I was you.
June 20, 2022
11 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
History through stories
This was my daughter's favorite subject when we used it for second grade. She loves stories and this text tells a lot of stories about people and places. She was able to retain a lot as a result. I liked the length of each section and that we could take turns reading. It wasn't too hard for her to read and the sentences flowed when I read them. (vs some short and choppy young reader texts). My daughter is an above average reader, so it's possible that the text might have been more accessible for her than for an average 2nd grade reader. It is definitely easy for young elementary children to understand when read aloud.
July 30, 2021
Rated 5 out of 5
This history curriculum will not disappoint. My children and I LOVED Notgrass history Star Spangled Story AND World History. We are so blessed to have found this curriculum last year! We just purchased for the 21-22 school year From Adam to US and Exploring American History. Can't wait to use these beautiful books!
June 25, 2021
Rated 5 out of 5
Engaging and beautiful!
I did this curriculum with our 7 & 9 yr old sons this past year and we really enjoyed it. I highly recommend this product. It is told as the engaging stories history truly is and not as a dry, boring list of dates. It is important to foster a love for history since we benefit greatly if we can learn from it. The Notgrass team has done well to start young learners on the path to appreciating the stories of the past.
June 22, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Beautifully written history curriculum
Our family has truly enjoyed this curriculum. It is the perfect balance of content for my 6, 8, and 10 year olds. Very easy to simplify for my 6 year old, while also simple to add deeper concepts for my 10 year old. I also really love reading it aloud, which makes for a very pleasant experience for my kids.
June 21, 2021
Rated 5 out of 5
Our Star-Spangled Story
I purchased this for our new school year so we haven't begun to delve into it. I have to say it is inspiring and enticing. My 1st grader and my 2nd grader are excited to begin. I'm anticipating a wonderful journey through American History
June 2, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 2 out of 5
To simple and had liberal thinking interweaved in it.
To simply written which bored my kids. The author also emphasized their opinion over facts ie condemns people for being Christians but never let their slaves go free etc. Overemphasized slavery over other important facts even listed slaves by name and jobs they held. I felt it was liberal thinking interweaved with Christianity which isn’t possible. The Israelites had slaves throughout their history and God never condoned it. He only condoned the way they treated their slaves ie they were to be kind to them and not harsh etc. I disagree with slavery but to criticize a Christian in that time period for owning slaves and implying they might not be saved or Christians because of it was too much.
May 10, 2021
Rated 5 out of 5
Perfect for elementary ages
I absolutely loved using this curriculum this past year. Everything is laid out really well for the parent, from a list of all craft supplies for the year to a pronunciation guide and everything else. It teaches history in a simple manner for younger kids to understand but without skipping over anything. I highly recommend the extra literature package as we truly enjoyed the books.
June 5, 2020
Rated 5 out of 5
Wonderful resource & company!
Our family has loved using Our Star-Spangled Story as our primary history resource this year 7 & 11 year-old boys. Better than the resource itself is the company (family) behind it. The Notgrass History company is dedicated to homeschooling families, and you will not find better customer service.
June 5, 2020
Rated 5 out of 5
Bright, beautiful illustrations.
April 7, 2020
over 2 years ago

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