Mystery of History Volume 1 Companion Guide CD

Mystery of History Volume 1 Companion Guide CD

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Grades: 4-8

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Publisher Description:

The Mystery of History Volume I Companion Guide is the perfect companion to the eBook and audiobook editions of The Mystery of History Volume I. This PDF file includes everything from the print edition of the book except the lesson text. Inside, you will find a wealth of activities, teaching helps, and reproducibles, all neatly organized at your fingertips. We've done the preparation for you, including: memory card ideas, Wall of Fame timeline suggestions, grading helps, a supplemental book list, Bible reading list, answer keys, and more!

For each lesson you will find a pre-test, review points, and quizzes. Hands-on and research activities (tailored to younger, middle, and older students) include writing prompts, memory card activities, mapping, Biblical correlation, and craft ideas. These activities will take your students' learning and critical thinking to deeper levels and perhaps yours, as you discover together!

Learning ancient history from a Bible-centered perspective is still the focus of the 3rd edition of Mystery of History, Vol. 1 However, with the 3rd edition, the format has been updated to be similar to Vol. IV. The biggest change is that it is changing from a paperback book to a hardcover with full color illustrations.  Short, interesting readings show how history fits together. What famous Bible figure lived when the Trojan Horse was built? Who lived in North America around the time that Jeremiah wrote Lamentations? Historically accurate with better chronological detail based on the work of James Ussher, the book tells you who walked the earth when and helps put each life in perspective around important events that happened worldwide. Mapping exercises with answers and simplified timeline directions are included along with suggestions for fun activities. Quarterly reviews and semester tests are provided. All student materials is reproducible for family use. Although this is intended for 4-8 graders, it is easily adapted to both older and younger students for an all-in-one history book. Assignments are included for all grade levels.

Purchase of the hardcover Student Text includes a digital access code to download the Companion Guide. This guide includes PDF files of all of the reproducible materials including pre-tests, quizzes, exercises, worksheets, activity instructions, tests, outline maps, resource lists, appendix pages and more. A printed Companion Guide is also available to purchase for those preferring a physical copy. Information to access the digital component is included on a separate card included in the textbook. Shrink wrapped.

Category Description for Mystery of History:

This conversationally written, chronological, 4-year-cycle program is specifically designed so that multiple ages can simultaneously study God’s sovereignty throughout history, from Creation to the 21st century. History is His story, after all. As a Christ-centered study written by a home school mom, each reader volume in the series chronicles key individuals and events that demonstrate the hand of divine providence through the highs and lows of human history. Tough elements are not ignored, and key church history is included. Trace the hand of God through historical events. Volume 1 focuses on Ancient History (ending with the life and resurrection of Jesus); Volume 2 Middle Ages; Volume 3 Renaissance, Reformation & Growth of Nations; and Volume 4 studies Revolutions to Rising Times (1708 - 2010). Each volume provides from 28 to 36 weekly lessons. Reading level will advance in difficulty as learners work through the 4-volume cycle (See individual descriptions for details). This program adapts easily to a classical, Charlotte Mason, or more traditional approach.

The essential hub of the course is the Reader Text, which includes a unique-user PDF download code of the volume-specific Companion Guide. This course achieves a nice balance of structure, routine, and consistent learning versus variety, choice, and independent customization. The 3 weekly required lessons found in the Reader are framed among pleasant layout and appealing full-color photographs. Read the narratives aloud or have older students read independently. The remaining necessary components come from the Companion Guide: teaching information and directions, the scope and sequence, the pretest, quarterly worksheets, tests and quizzes, mapwork, timeline (called the Wall of Fame), and memory cards (key details of each key historical element learned that week). For mapwork assistance, the publishers highly recommend the customizable, digital WonderMaps (item 082644) or these 2 book-based atlases: The Student Bible Atlas (item 00167 particularly for Volume 1) or Rand McNally’s Historical Atlas of the World (item 00733). Thus far, the amount of work I’ve described might suffice for students, particularly in grades 1-6. But then you’d miss out on all the included items which allow you to personalize to your specific goals, family situation, students—and you!

As a convenience, printed Companion Guides are available on our website as separate purchases for Volumes 1-4. Whether using the digital or printed, the additional suggestions and optional resources provide a wealth of options for different ages. The 500+ pages specifically tailored to each volume include the required course items, as well as hands-on activities for younger, middle, and older students (with any needed instructions or templates and photos); field trip suggestions; semester tests; research and writing exercises; a detailed supplementary Book and Resource list (general books, Bible, read-alouds, references, and creation science museums/zoos); and Lesson Resources (specific books, films, and Bible chapters that correlate to lessons in the Student Reader).

Optional resources are now available as digital downloads. These include Challenge Cards, Notebooking Pages, Folderbooks, Super Supplemental Set, and Cookbook. The Challenge Cards contain over 300 question-and-answer cards and a dozen game ideas. Coloring Pages include 36 collage-style coloring pages. Notebooking Pages include ruled & unruled pages for hand-written narration, information pages, and fillable PDF pages for computer use. Folderbooks (a.k.a. lapbook) can be downloaded as well. Providing your own manilla folder, and using the included items, students create folders representing content from the lessons. The Super Supplemental Set includes all 4 items as downloads in one purchase. The Volume 2 downloadable Cookbook includes historical recipes from the Early Church and the Middle Ages. Audio books of each Volume are available for purchase at the author's web site. Make the road to understanding His Story throughout time a delight with this history series! ~ Ruth

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I never knew anything about this until now. I'm excited to help reinforce what my children learn. History is very important, and more important now more than ever!
Leslie K on Aug 1, 2021
This was purchased for the test and quizzes.
Julie M on Sep 13, 2018
I never knew anything about this until now. I'm excited to help reinforce what my children learn. History is very important, and more important now more than ever!
Leslie K on Aug 1, 2021
Wanted to be able to print the maps and such from the text without contorting the book over my copier...Also heard there were other neat additions in there to print out...
KELLY O on Aug 21, 2019
This was purchased for the test and quizzes.
Julie M on Sep 13, 2018
This seems to be an essential component of the curriculum. It gives the assignments that correspond with the text.
Gretchen C on Aug 1, 2018
When I received the text book for MOH, I knew I would need a different way to have worksheets for my daughter. I couldn't see myself trying to copy from the text, seeing how thick of a book it is. Purchasing this companion CD was the perfect solution.
User on Apr 9, 2018
Anita B on Dec 29, 2017
Printing the quizzes and maps from the book is a pain. Pages have thick black edges and it is wasting ink. Worth the cost to be able to print nice copies.
Kristy B on Sep 18, 2017
To coincide God's Word with true History. It will help the children understand the Bible isn't "just stories"
Stefenie M on Aug 24, 2017
"I heard this history is written from a biblical perspective and that it covers history during the same time periods from all over the globe, showing how God is working in all of history at the same time!"
Meredith B on Jun 20, 2017
to compliment already purchased curriculum
Jennifer G on Jan 17, 2017
Wow! What an improvement on the CD's I have for the other volumes! It is much more user friendly.
Wendy D on Sep 15, 2016
Seems like it will be helpful to print directly from digital media rather than making photo copies.
Andrew S on Sep 1, 2016
I will be using Mystery of History for multiple age groups, therefor I will need the resources to print multiple copies.
Jennifer S on Aug 29, 2016
For an on-the-go study of MOH
Aileen R on Aug 19, 2016
I wanted to be able to just print from the computer and not have to copy out of the book as my copier doesn't always copy very clearly!
Greta H on Dec 18, 2015
I choose the CD version so I could print instead of copy and I could use it for multiple years.
Charlotte Y on Dec 7, 2015
I am not good at making worksheets etc. I thought it would be worth the time and expense to buy the reproducible cd instead.
Marsha Q on Oct 18, 2015
Wanted to be able to print the maps and such from the text without contorting the book over my copier...Also heard there were other neat additions in there to print out...
KELLY O on Aug 21, 2019
This seems to be an essential component of the curriculum. It gives the assignments that correspond with the text.
Gretchen C on Aug 1, 2018
Does this have the folderbooks?
A shopper on Sep 8, 2022
BEST ANSWER: No, the Companion Guide CD does NOT include the folderbooks. Those are available only as downloads and can be purchased either as their own download:

or as one of four items available in this Supplemental set which includes The Mystery of History Volume I Coloring Pages, The Mystery of History Volume I Challenge Cards, The Mystery of History Volume I Notebooking Pages, and The Mystery of History Volume I Folderbooks:
Are the things in the Mystery of History companion guide also in the print edition of the volume?
A shopper on May 9, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, everything contained in the Mystery of History Companion Guide CD is also in the printed edition. The CD contains all the quizzes, tests, activity pages and maps, and they're PDF files of the book's pages so there is no difficulty finding page numbers when needed. The CD does not, however, contain timeline figures. For that, the author recommends History Through the Ages Historical Timeline Figures on CD. Many of the illustrations in the book are reproductions of these figures, but they're not all included so if you plan to use pre-made illustrations as timeline figures, I highly recommend getting that CD as well.

I have found it extremely helpful to have the Mystery of History Companion Guide CD, because the printed edition is 1.5" thick and it is often difficult to photocopy the pages. The CD is very well organized and it is very easy to find and print out just the pages I need for the day's lesson. While it isn't absolutely required, it is, in my opinion, definitely a worthwhile investment as part of this curriculum.
What reproducibles are included on the CD?
A shopper on Aug 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: All of the quizzes, tests. The pre-test for each section and more. Maps. I borrowed the book from a friend and bought this CD to print off the activities for my kids. I am sure there is much more on the CD than I am telling you. Seemed like there was a wealth of information on there. More than we were able to use with the time we had. A great deal for the price and a valuable resource to go with the book. I would buy it again. My CD worked just fine, by the way, and I purchased it just one year ago.
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Not much new!
I bought this Cd thinking it would be some additional printables that would really help our MOH journey. If you have more than one child, then it might be helpful...but only if you don't have a copy machine.
November 18, 2015
over 7 years ago

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