Horizons Math 2 Boxed Set

Horizons Math 2 Boxed Set

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Item #: 000688
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Grades: 2

Publisher Description:

Don't struggle any longer with teaching concepts! With the Horizons 2nd Grade Math Set from Alpha Omega Publications, math concepts are introduced, reviewed, and reinforced for complete mastery. Full-color workbooks and easy-to-grasp math lessons on the Fahrenheit thermometer scale, English measurements, ratios, and more make teaching math to your homeschooler a breeze!

But that's not all. This favorite math curriculum of many homeschooling families also includes a teacher's guide that clearly outline lessons 1-160. Comprehensive objectives, needed materials, and suggested learning activities in this Alpha Omega curriculum save precious time in your teaching preparation. Plus, you'll also find the daily homeschool lesson planner, student readiness evaluation test, duplication masters, answer keys, teaching tips, and additional worksheets helpful resources that assist you in providing your child a thorough education in mathematics. In short, teaching math to your homeschooler doesn't have to be difficult.

Category Description for Horizons 2:

Covers more complex addition and subtraction, multiplication facts 1-10, place value, correspondence, fractions (½,¼), Fahrenheit temperature, ratio, decimals (with money), area, perimeter, and volume.

Category Description for Horizons Math:

Admittedly, no math program will work for everyone - but I find few flaws in this motivating and well-laid out program. Although it may be more advanced for grade level than the "average" program, I don't consider that a negative. Because of the developmental approach to learning in this program, even a non-math type can easily succeed, while the "math whiz" will be challenged by the advanced topics introduced early. Concepts are introduced incrementally, then practiced, developed, and continually reviewed as other concepts are introduced. Horizons lays a solid foundation for numerical literacy with an early emphasis on hands-on, concept learning via manipulatives and one-on-one lessons. The program relies on few separately purchased manipulatives by utilizing common household items and including charts and number lines found in the teacher's handbooks. A useful table in the handbook shows the integration of manipulatives in lessons so you can tell at a glance just what you'll need. Analytical reasoning and mental acumen are stressed throughout the series, and memorization and drill are not neglected. The teacher handbook is the heart of the program, containing daily lesson plans that are easy to implement. Reduced student pages are a tremendous aid in planning and supply answers to the worktext exercises. Besides plans, the handbook contains an overview, materials list, activities, and supplemental worksheets (approx. one for each 4 lessons). Designed for homeschoolers, the activities, language, and lessons require no alteration. There are 160 lessons per level, each requiring approximately 20-30 minutes per day. Tests are given after every 10 lessons to assess retention of cumulative skills. While a good part of each lesson is oral (especially at the K level), the enticing, colorful student worksheets lay foundations for lessons and review concepts previously taught. There are two workbooks per grade level. Please note that the actual lesson is to be taught by you - there are only brief instructions on each page of the workbooks, which are not intended to be self- instructional. Boxed set contains the teacher book and 2 student workbooks. Additional Student Worksheet Packets contain one photocopy of each reproducible master in the teacher book.

Category Description for Alpha Omega Mathematics:

Homeschoolers appreciate the Alpha Omega curricula for their ease of use and quality instruction. There are 4 different teaching options available to help you meet your math education needs: Lifepacs, Horizons, Switched on Schoolhouse (flash drive for Windows only) and Monarch (online). Please see each option for the full course description. Christian content is included in the Lifepac, Switched on Schoolhouse and Monarch curricula.


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Trade Cloth; Box or Slipcased
Workbook, Illustrated
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Elementary/High School
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Alpha Omega Publications
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Horizons math comes with an answer key, and it is a good, solid curriculum. We have used Horizons in the past, and while we do *not* like the excessive amount of math problems, but are okay with just selecting the problems we want the children to do.
Katja L on Aug 16, 2022
Open and go. Colorful, simple.
Amy D on Jun 30, 2022
Horizons math comes with an answer key, and it is a good, solid curriculum. We have used Horizons in the past, and while we do *not* like the excessive amount of math problems, but are okay with just selecting the problems we want the children to do.
Katja L on Aug 16, 2022
2nd grade homeschool
Amy G on Jul 7, 2022
Open and go. Colorful, simple.
Amy D on Jun 30, 2022
I've been using Horizons Math since Kindergarten. My son enjoys it and he has a firm grasp of maths for his age.
Sara B on Jun 4, 2022
We used Horizons Math 1 with my 1st grader. It has been great for his math-centered brain! We're finishing Math 1 and are ready to begin Math 2.
Amanda L on Mar 12, 2022
Didn't like any thing else I have seen for grade 2. We did Horizon for K and didn't mind it. Thought we would try it again for 2nd grade before moving on to teaching textbooks.
Dania S on Mar 5, 2022
It was recommended by a friend and our current math program feels too hands on for teaching.
Carli M on Feb 12, 2022
Common Core math is not working for myself or my student.
Ellen O on Nov 12, 2021
loved horizon math 1 so moving on to next level
Nancy on Jul 26, 2021
We are trying a new math program this year, and Horizons looks like a good match for my child
Nichole H on May 31, 2021
Horizons is thorough, complete and beyond adequate for K to 6 math. The spiral learning is paced well and the pages are colorful without being distracting to us.
Heather C on May 18, 2021
We used Horizons Math 1 for first grade and it was a fantastic experience. We are continuing in second grade with Horizons Math 2!
Shanna N on Mar 13, 2021
It is the top,rated math program
Ciara J on Feb 24, 2021
It's on sale and we will be using this starting next semester.
Kim N on Dec 1, 2020
My son loved the 1st grade level, so we are moving on to 2nd grade. It's colorful, keeps his attention, easy to follow, and has a nice spiral approach so that he doesn't forget what he's already learned.
Jamie R on Nov 30, 2020
Horizons is my favorite for the beginning grades.
Alaina D on Jul 9, 2020
We used the first grade set and really enjoyed it. Hoping grade 2 flows just as well.
Amanda O on Jul 1, 2020
To have a program with more review
brian c on May 28, 2020
best math program
Jennifer L on May 13, 2020
I've used Horizons from the begining with all 4 of my children.
Sheree S on May 2, 2020
Currently using Horizons Math 1 and my 6 year old is so happy with the gentle brief lessons. As parent/teacher, I really like the spiral approach and easy to follow teachers manual - not overwhelming. Didn't have to by any manipulatives for Horizons Math 1.
Ricky K on May 1, 2020
Used Horizons with my older daughter and really enjoyed the program.
Brooke B on Apr 23, 2020
we love horizons math because my 6 year old is excited about each page that is colorful and fun because it mixes things up.
Karlita L on Apr 21, 2020
I find Horizons math to be more fun than many choices, but thorough in content like the best.
BARBARA G on Dec 19, 2019
It is the next level in math for my daughter. She has done very well with Horizons Math!
Elisa S on Jul 18, 2019
Horizons works well for my non-manipulative learning child. We will use Horizons for elementary math and switch to Saxon when she reaches the 5/4 or 6/5 level.
AMY R on May 12, 2019
Horizons Math is listed as one of Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum (updated 01 March 2016). Plus, an esteemed, local home educator with 26 years of homeschool experience highly recommended Horizons Math program for Grades 1-3 to my family as we begin our homeschool journey.
April V on Nov 6, 2018
Recommended by Cathy Duffy
Angela M on Aug 31, 2018
Very in depth approach to mastering the concepts taught without overwhelming the student.
Elizabeth S on Aug 16, 2018
good reviews
Paul V on Jul 31, 2018
I need a second grade math set with lots of color to help keep my daughter's interest. Math-U-See is a bust for her, she finds it very tedious, although she enjoys learning new math concepts.
Karen S on Jul 24, 2018
cathy duffy reviews helped me choose this math.
Emily S on Jul 19, 2018
It was recommended on several homeschool blogs as a colorful spiral math program. I wish there was a secular version.
Frieda H on Jun 12, 2018
I used it previously for my 2 older teens when they were young and it was very good.
Angela G on Jun 1, 2018
Horizons Math 1 was so great we have decided to follow up with #2!
Sasha N on Apr 30, 2018
This is the chosen math set by our co-op's curriculum committee.
Marie C on Apr 27, 2018
The co-op curriculum committee chose these books.
Marie C on Apr 26, 2018
Continue from previous year. Like the spiral mathematic approach.
AMBER I on Mar 16, 2018
The short lessons keep my overly active son engaged. Its colorful pictures make it fun for him. We have tried several other math curriculums and this is the only one that we have stuck with. Math is no longer a fight.
Mary M on Jan 15, 2018
heard good reviews
Kate M on May 28, 2017
I purchased this because I'm looking for a hands-on math program that uses manipulatives and games, and has lots of teacher-student interaction.
Leigh D on May 24, 2017
I used Horizon Math 1st grade and loved it. I want to continue with 2nd grade.
Elena M on Apr 30, 2017
The layout keeps my child interested and believe this is a thorough program.
Cara D on Feb 15, 2017
My son is finishing Horizons 1. We like it, so we are ordering it again.
Jonathan M on Feb 14, 2017
online reviews
allison p on Feb 7, 2017
I love this Math Curriculum. It is colorful and easy to follow for students and home school parents. Great for strong math students.
Glenn M on Dec 3, 2016
recommended by another homeschooler mom for her boys.
Dulcie P on Sep 16, 2016
I have a 2nd grader that I am homeschooling and needed to find a good math curriculum. I have researched and read many reviews on many different math programs and Horizons was highly liked by many veteran homeschool moms. The more I looked into Horizons Math, the more I liked it and decided to give it a try this school year.
Angelina A on Sep 14, 2016
I viewed this product from a friend who uses it. It looked like a great series.
Christina L on Aug 2, 2016
Needed a change. Recommended by a friend.
User on Jul 26, 2016
2nd grade homeschool
Amy G on Jul 7, 2022
I've been using Horizons Math since Kindergarten. My son enjoys it and he has a firm grasp of maths for his age.
Sara B on Jun 4, 2022
Do you need manipulatives for this program?
Do you need manipulatives for this program?
A shopper on Dec 21, 2015
BEST ANSWER: You do not have to have them. I use them for my second grader that is using horizons but my forth grader does not seem to want or need them at this point. If your child is very visual and hands on it is nice but not required to use the books.
4.7 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
Really like Horizons math program for quick learner
Love Horizons workbooks.
May 21, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
We love it!
I love Horizons math! My mom used it for us when we were kids and I'm currently using for my kids. Only complaint is sometimes I feel there are too many worksheet, so I just skip them here and there. But otherwise we'll put together and easy to teach with little to no experience or prep work!
May 13, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 2 out of 5
Too much per page
We are returning this item. There are SO many problems per page, that there isn't enough room to write an answer and DEFINITELY not enough room to do regrouping like the examples shown in the book.
When I buy a workbook for my child, it is with the understanding that he will do his work within the book. The suggestion that he write all of the equations on separate paper, do all the work there, and then come back to record an answer in the workbook is outrageous. Workbooks are consumables and they should have the space to be used as such.
August 22, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great math program for child and parent.
Great for parents, just open and teach. No lesson planning. It goes at an easy pace with lots of repetition for skill learning. Lessons are a good length for this age. Not too short not too long. I recommend it.
August 14, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Math is fun now!
I love how it is a spiral math. Where you continue to learn and build on the skills. You don’t use once and forget them.
August 10, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love Horizons math!
We have used Horizons for a while. It works for our homeschool family.
March 4, 2016
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I purchased Horizons grade 2 for my second grader last fall We had been using a popular curriculum that used a mastery approach and it was killing my daughter's love of math Her eyes lit up when I showed her Horizons She really enjoyed having lots of different types of problems to work in one lesson We found there were actually too many problems per page usually and just crossed some out I would have liked to see more word problems but overall I think Horizons covers a great cross-section of math topics And it is definitely advanced My daughter is doing beginning third grade work now (multiplication) and we only finished the first part of the grade 2 bookI did not find the teacher's manual to be particularly useful at all I was hoping for games and fun ways to teach concepts not just 'review flashcards with student'Overall we really liked it but I'd skip getting the teacher's manual at this level
July 14, 2009
Rated 5 out of 5
Horizons 2nd grade math program was enthusiastically welcomed by my 7-year-old after using a different program since Kindergarten At first glance she loved the colorful pictures connect-the-dots crossword puzzles and secret code puzzles in the workbooks As she curiously thumbed through the books she was a little nervous that it looked �too hard� for her but I told her just to take one lesson at a time and she has progressed very well and with a great attitude Horizons seems to be advanced in the presentation of multiple digit addition and subtraction Roman numerals multiplication and place value compared to some of the other spiral-learning 2nd grade curricula It teaches skip-counting by 1�s through 10�s ordinal numbers to 100 simple equations fractions telling time to the minute Roman numerals tally marks money calendar graphs ratio area perimeter volume decimals and much more Our family and friends have been impressed at how quickly and confidently my daughter can work multiplication facts and four-digit addition and subtraction (with regrouping) problems One friend told me that the work my 2nd grader is doing in Horizons 2 looks like it�s on the same level as the math her 3rd grader is doing This program is easy to use because it is very well organized--the teacher�s manual has two parts Part One has lesson plans manipulatives needed for each lesson and activity suggestions and Part Two contains reduced-size student pages with the answers and a section of worksheets and charts for supplemental practice Having the answer key handy was a real time saver for us and we did use some of the worksheets but not all of them (for the most part the workbooks contain plenty of practice) The teacher�s manual gives simple ideas for presenting a topic For example when teaching multiple digit addition and subtracting with regrouping it recommends using base ten blocks to illustrate the concept (and if the teacher does not have base ten blocks it gives ideas for making your own place value manipulatives out of drinking straws) Although the teacher�s manual is helpful in many ways at times it is not very thorough in explaining �how� to teach different concepts step by step For someone who is mathematically minded that would probably not present a problem but I have had to use math websites online for additional ways to explain tricky concepts such as converting Roman numerals to Arabic numerals We have also supplemented this curriculum with file folder games and CD�s with math songs for further practice in addition subtraction skip counting and multiplication Another minor thing about this curriculum that could use revision is that there are no clear instructions for making the flashcards to go with the lessons The manual tells the teacher to make flashcards for different topics like measurement conversions and time equivalents but it doesn't give detailed directions for making these flashcards so the teacher just has to figure it out This is not a big deal but it does take up precious time! Other than making the flashcards and gathering the manipulatives for each lesson teacher preparation time is minimal The Horizons math workbooks are very inviting to visual learners who don�t mind a lot of color and information on one page To me some of the pages are a bit cluttered but for my daughter the �busy � colorful pages help hold her attention and make the learning seem more fun She likes that there are several different topics within each lesson�it is definitely not boring! For example Lesson 140 covers sequence equations addition subtraction symmetry solids and multiplication all in the same lesson For a child (or a parent) who becomes easily frustrated with switching gears quickly this would not work well For us the way Horizons presents challenging math topics in incremental steps is one of its best features It continually reviews the topics throughout the year to help the students to remember the information Horizons math is priced very reasonably compared to other popular math curricula We plan to continue using Horizons math all the way through 6th grade!
April 2, 2007
Rated 5 out of 5
I have found Horizons math to be thorough and enjoyable Lessons are colorful and include several different exercises for example a single lesson may cover time money addition multiplication and word problems This keeps each function fresh in the student's mind The only problem I've found is that each set is about a year ahead of my child's level so in 4th grade she's using level 3 etc Also additional practice in multiplication has been necessary Overall it's the best program I've found thus far
February 20, 2006

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