Dice Activities Series

This series offers a variety of reproducible blackline masters for a wide range of dice activities.

Dice Activities for Math provides practice with basic number facts and is divided into six sections. The first three sections focus on one dice, two dice, and three dice activities to practice addition, subtraction, and the doubling of numbers. The fourth section presents variations of halving quantities, and the fifth section deals with the concept of tens and ones. The last section provides a variety of Tic-Tac-Toe activities and games designed for students to practice math facts, develop reasoning skills, and experiment with the probability of specific occurrences in tossing dice. 90+ pages.

Dice Activities for Subtraction offers 130 pages of dice fun as children work on subtraction, rounding, patterns, differences, play subtraction bingo, and do hidden number activities and play Tic-Tac-Toe using a variety of math skills to find the correct number.

Dice Activities for Multiplication incorporates a collection of fun games and activities to supplement your core multiplication lessons. Students practice with games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Four in a Row, Square Off, or CrossOver.

Dice Activities for Mathematical Thinking is for older students and develops critical thinking skills by mentally working with numbers. They practice in the areas of square numbers, square roots, prime numbers, factorials, summations, negative numbers, and integers. Activities are intended for use with two teams of 2 students, so you will need to adapt for practice with a single student; games use any where from one to 12 dice and some games use 6 red and 6 green dice. 125 pages. As an added bonus, most books include a CD-ROM digital copy of the book with interactive dice.

Dice Activities for Algebraic Thinking will help prepare your students for algebra. Written to align to Common Core Standards, this book presents concept practice with patterns, relationships, functions, and symbols within the realm of algebra and designed to help students meet the challenges of algebra with confidence. Intended as an introduction to algebra, this book incorporates dice and color tiles for a visual and kinesthetic explanation of algebra concepts. The CD offers printable pdf versions of the pages in the book along with virtual dice and color tiles that can be used with some of the activity pages. ~ Donna

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