Fundanoodle Handwriting Development Program

This new readiness system is a complete development program for handwriting and math that uses fun skill-building activities and exercises to prepare your little ones. Join Max the monkey and Alphie the explorer as they guide your child through a number and letter adventure. Colorful writing tablets and kits focus on essential skills like memory, concentration, fine and gross motor, eye-hand coordination, and dexterity. Products are organized in a developmental progression and Max and Alphie will encourage your children as they tackle more challenging tasks. Fundanoodle components are based on years of practical experience in a clinical setting and were developed by pediatric occupational therapists. Little ones will practice handwriting skills in a fun, relaxed way with short, interesting activities. Terminology is fun and keeps things moving like 'zip across' and 'zoom down' or 'zoom up.'

At Age 3 through PK level (orange) of this program children can practice essential skills just by drawing on large blank pages (18"x 24") in I Can Doodle (30 pages), practice drawing long straight lines or curved lines or circles or just coloring in I Can Do Fun Activities (thirty 18"x 18" pages) and big stickers are included to encourage your child as they finish each page. Practice cutting in I Can Cut which is 40 pages and comes with its own pair of plastic safety scissors (they work very well for little people scissors). Max & Alphie's Adventures! Activity Book lets your little one do a variety of drawing activities to improve skills and more stickers. The kits for this level are loads of fun. I Can Pound Activity Bench includes a hammer, 50 pounding tees (plastic nails), a foam pounding bench (10"x 14"x 2"), and 30 pounding sheets. Each pounding sheet is printed with a pattern which you can place on the pounding bench and let your child hammer nails in designated locations. Great fun and great development! I Can Bead, Lace, Rip, Trace! lets your child work on fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination as they lace cards or beads, trace around shapes, or rip familiar shapes into pieces.

The blue level of this program is for children 4 to 5 years of age and includes activities that are a step up in developmental progression from the orange level. The kit for the blue level, MagnaStix Multi Activity Kit includes the I Can Write Upper Case Writing Tablet, Muscle Movers: Upper Case Gross Motor Cards, magnetic dry erase board and pen, 1 die, 1 set of 14 Magnastix (magnetic shapes to form letters), and an instruction booklet. I Can Write Upper Case Writing teaches children how to form upper case letters in a simplified style similar to Handwriting Without Tears. The front of the book shows proper paper placement, grasp of the pencil, and offers tips for proper posture. Guidelines on the paper are printed with green as the top line, red at the bottom line, black dotted midline, and ¾" line spacing. Practice is done with just upper case letters, no words or sentences, and it is done on different types of lines and boxes and more stickers at the back. Muscle Mover cards are glossy finished cardstock with colorful graphics on the front with a caption of the activity to be done, and the corresponding letter on the back. For example "Roll like an Armadillo" shows an animated armadillo rolling on the ground with an A on the reverse. I Can Write Numbers! is formatted like I Can Write but is numbers only and Max & Alphie's Adventures! Activity Book 2 continues the activity adventure from the orange level.

The green level is for ages 5 and 6 or kindergarten and first. The kit for this level includes I Can Write Lower Case! using the same format as I Can Write in the blue level but focuses on lower case letters only, and Muscle Movers: Lower Case Gross Motor Cards which serve the same function as those of the blue level.

The Magnetic Dry Erase Board is formatted with the same line spacing as that found in the books and also has the green top line and red bottom line. It offers a variety of boxes and lines for additional practice and can be used with all 3 levels of the program. The reverse of the board is blank for making lines or drawing or forming letters with the Magnastix found in the kits. This is the same sturdy board included in the blue and green level kits, but might be needed if you are practicing with more than one child.

As I sit here playing with all of the parts of this program, a lot of ideas are running through my head. It is so developmentally appropriate for little learners and offers balance between physical activity and activity pages and sheets. The activities at each level have a purpose and are well thought out. Use this with young children who want to learn to print, or with children who are developmentally delayed and need more in the areas of fine and gross motor development, eye-hand coordination, etc. The developers of this program have done an excellent job of putting the right tools together for parents or teachers who need help in these areas and they are easy to implement. Let your children learn and develop and play their way to handwriting and math success.

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