Summer Fit

Designed to exercise the brain and body through the summer months, this 10-week program is so much more than a summer practice workbook! This book series incorporates national standards and values based activities, with Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. It also provides nutrition instruction and daily exercise activities! The first twelve pages are written to the parent and provide the vision and the tools to use the program effectively.

The authors recommend 20-30 minutes per day to complete each day's activities and this seems to be a fair representation, although some children may need a little more time. Core values covered include: honesty, compassion, trustworthiness, self discipline, kindness, courage, respect, responsibility, perseverance and friendship and are based upon the lives of well known and not so well known individuals: Abraham Lincoln, Harriett Tubman, Princess Diana, Rosa Parks, Gandhi and others. Subject practice pages are written to grade level standards, Reading is encouraged and a weekly reading list is provided. If the book itself is not comprehensive enough for you, there are links to additional activities including the core values, exercise videos, additional reading lists and online educational games.

One aspect of this series that I greatly appreciated was that the weekly core values studies are the same for each grade level. This allows parents the opportunity to do part of the lessons together with different age children. While older children will study the character trait more in-depth, the concept is the same each week. Answers are provided in the back of the book. Pages are perforated for easy removal. Reproducible for single classroom use. Approx. 125 pgs each. PB.

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