Fill Me In Activity Posters

These simple posters are a fun way for kids to introduce themselves to a new group. Think of using them at the beginning of a school year or a co-op class, even Sunday School. Use them to feature a student of the week. Each one has question prompts to write in (favorite color/food/animal, etc), places for photos or drawings and a colored border with cute illustrations. 17" x 22" on white paper. ~Sara

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Item # 064451
Grades: K-AD
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Item # 064452
Grades: K-AD
Retail: $0.43
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Item # 064454
Grades: PK-AD
Our Price: $0.75
Item # 064464
Grades: K-AD
Our Price: $0.95
Item # 064465
Grades: K-AD
Our Price: $0.39
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