Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates

Hans Brinker and his sister, Gretel, have adapted to very difficult living conditions. When Hans was just five, his father was in a work accident that left him mute and dumb. Hans's mother struggles to make ends meet and there is barely enough money for food. The Brinker family is convinced that the money they laid aside while father was still alive was stolen. Then, Hans pleads for help from the great Dr. Boekman. From there, the Brinker family's lives are transformed, and Hans discovers a way to transform Dr. Boekman's life in turn. Written by Mary Mapes Dodge in story format, this book educates much about the Dutch peoples, their habits, their land, lives and architecture. However, as your child reads, they will not even realize they are learning because they are following a great many different and interesting characters on their journeys and anticipating the great ice skating race.

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Grades: 4-8
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