The Art of Conversation Games

Nothing is more basic to interpersonal relationships than conversing with another person. But in this age of iPods, cell phones, and other personal entertainment devices, opportunities for conversation are fewer. The ability to converse easily with another person may not come as naturally as it once did. The Art of Conversation has been designed to improve conversational skills. It has been used successfully in a wide variety of settings: family get-togethers, business training meetings, church groups, therapeutic counseling sessions, team building exercises, school classes, even dates for Mom and Dad! Each game consists of 100 cards with 3 questions on each (except the Children's version which has only 2 questions each).

In the regular version, questions on each card are related to the same topic, but vary in depth so that players of different ages and ability levels can all participate at the same time. The Christian version focuses on questions relating to God, Christianity, life and faith. It will help enrich relationships with others or be a great small group/Bible study activity. The questions tend to be fairly deep, so while some may be used for younger children, this one is geared more toward adults (or older teens).

If you love food, then The Art of Food Conversation is for you! Discuss your culinary inventions, favorite comfort foods, and much more - again, this is focused more towards adults with some easier questions and some that you would definitely have to be a food guru to understand!

If you want to focus more on the kids, The Art of Children's Conversation includes topics more relevant to their life experiences. This one helps children speak confidently and well, learn to express their thoughts and listen to the ideas of others, and develop compassion and interest in others.

So get the family and friends together and enjoy The Art of Conversation. And if you're ever in Kangaroo Flat, Australia (no foolin'), say "Hi" to Louise, the game's designer. ~ Bob

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