Master's Chemistry

This chemistry course was specifically written for homeschool use, easy to implement and Christian worldview based. Master Books saw a need and Dr. Dennis Englin put into print a course he had been teaching to homeschool students for many years. The course covers foundational Chemistry concepts and applications, all while keeping God and Bible in the equation. Algebra 1 is a prerequisite to this course which fulfills one high school credit.

The Student text is divided into 28 chapters covering metric measurements, chemical solutions, molecular mass and atomic theory, preparing molar solutions, chemical reactions, equations, moles, grams of reactant and product, electron configurations, the Periodic Table, ionic and covalent bonds, metal atoms, batteries, acids and bases, buffers, chemistry of carbon, organic chemistry, biochemistry, rates of chemical reactions, and environmental chemistry. The end of each chapter includes one lab. Chapters are easy to follow with an abundance of graphics and illustrations, sure to appeal to more visual students. Each chapter lists objectives and vocabulary, and notes and definitions are found in colored boxes throughout. Labs are broken down into steps with a list of required materials, purpose, and procedure. The procedure for each lab is broken down into numbered steps, some special equipment is required. Supplies used in the labs are alcohol burner, barium hydroxide, burette, burette clamp, ring stand, copper metal strip, economy pocket scale, Erlenmeyer flask, eyedropper, filter paper, glass beakers, stirring rod, graduated cylinder, laboratory scoop, Lugol's solution, Mohr pipette and pipette pump, molecular model kit, multimeter, petri dishes, pH paper, sodium acetate, soil testing kit, spectroscope analysis kit, test tube kit, transfer pipette, weighing boats (aluminum), wire with alligator clips, zinc metal strip. Please contact our office for a more complete list and quantities. Appendices include helpful laboratory procedure information, a chronological history of Christian chemists, and a glossary of chemistry vocabulary. 295 pgs, pb.

The Teacher Guide includes student worksheets and lab reports w/ samples for grading purposes, a weekly lesson schedule, supply list, instructions for quizzes and exams and a sheet for recording scores: 28 quizzes, 8 exams and answer keys.

This Chemistry course can be done more independently; the parent acts as a guide to come alongside. Overall, this is a good, solid high school introductory Chemistry and prepares students for college level sciences. Students will learn the basics of Chemistry and how to write lab reports while carrying out the procedures. Dr. Englin makes chemistry understandable and doable in the homeschool setting. ~ Donna

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