Play & Learn

Did you know that a game of peek-a-boo, for instance, develops the following skills: anticipation of events, cause/effect, cognitive/thinking skills, emotional expression, object permanence and social interaction? Not everyone instinctively knows how to play with a baby or toddler. We know that the first years are an active time for growth and development, but what can you do to maximize a child's learning skills? Expert Penny Warner has given us 150 (& 160) age-appropriate activities for hours of fun. Each book has loads of ideas with step by step instructions and safety tips. Even seasoned parents, grandparents, and sitters can get some new ideas here! If all you know is peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake (the classics are in here too,) it may be time to broaden your bag of baby/toddler games and these books will do just that. Each activity in these books will tell you the skills learned. What a perfect gift for new parents or new grand-parents! Black & white with illustrations, 181pp, sc.~ Sara

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