Henle Latin Third Year

Third Form Latin continues the journey of Latin grammar by reviewing all material in First and Second Form, completing the verb paradigms for all four conjugations in the indicative active and passive, and much more. Third Form employs the identical format of First and Second Form—an attractive, concise student text, systematic presentation in five units, extensive workbook exercises, and a teacher manual with everything you need to successfully teach this course. The student guide is to help you with challenging vocabulary by using English as a bridge. Students learn and read the words of Cicero, perhaps Rome’s most illustrious orator. The first 11 weeks are spent on the translation of the First Oration Against Catiline – an opportunity for students to demonstrate their mastery of grammar and rhetoric. Most assignments will be translation work. Henle includes both Roman and Christian content in his exercises. Information on the National Latin Exam is found on page vii of the student guide. The Third Form Latin Instructional Videos are only available via streaming; DVDs are not available for this product. ~Sara

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