Displaying Information Series

Beginning geography concepts can be confusing for some children, but this introductory series offers a visual solution for your young learners. Timelines, graphs, maps, and diagrams are found in curriculum in several different subject areas to demonstrate concepts, illustrate ideas, and display information, but what do they all mean? Books in this series are 32 pages in length and cover a variety of concepts with clear visual demonstrations and very little text. Diagrams will explain diagrams, Venn diagrams, cycle diagrams, flow charts, tree diagrams, and cutaway diagrams. Graphs explains graphs, pictographs, bar graphs, line graphs, and pie graphs. Timelines covers the concepts of picture timelines, vertical timelines, horizontal timelines, circle timelines, map timelines, tabletop timelines, and living timelines. Maps shows map symbols, compass rose, road maps, political maps, globes, world maps, and treasure maps. Each book has a glossary, three critical thinking activities, and internet and book resources for additional information. Very nicely done and age-appropriate for introducing these concepts.

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