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  Our world has been studied and interpreted, but also influenced by great scientists who possessed an intense curiosity and sense of wonder: from “renaissance men” to “out-of-the-box” thinkers. Why not provide your children with opportunities to explore and allow their curiosity to thrive: to view and experience scientific theories and inventions through the eyes of some of the world’s great scientists? This Chicago Review Press series offers an immersive way for your children to learn and understand potentially challenging scientific concepts by placing them in their cultural context. Your children will follow alongside each world-changing scientist and investigate their lives, innovations and influences through readings, illustrations and hands-on activities. This series uses accessible text and takes an excellent cross-curricular approach to studying science, melding in art, history, biography and more. Each lesson focuses on different aspects, giving a holistic view of the scientist. For example, DaVinci’s multi-layered curiosity is presented here, with a look at technology, nature and design in the human body. You’ll also learn of Newton’s interest in God as well as his struggle with the concept of the Trinity (although told from a secular perspective). Activities are diverse (make a little minestrone, create a plague mask; bend light; perform experiments) and will appeal to various learning styles. You’ll find a supply list with each lesson and most use easily-accessible and creative items. For example, use Peeps® or a marshmallow to represent universe expansion. Each book would serve as a great foundation for a unit study or in-depth supplement to your science curriculum. These idea-packed books range from 88-166 pgs. ~ Ruth

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