Assessment Prep for Common Core Reading

Standardized testing tends to stress out both students and parents, especially now that new standards are being implemented. This series is intended to help alleviate some of that stress in reading/language arts. Each 62-page book is divided into three sections: test-taking tips, instructional resources, and practice assessments. The test-taking portion offers lists of suggestions for test-taking success - how to prepare during the school year and before taking the test, ten strategies for use during the test, and technology skills for those who might be taking the assessment on the computer. Instructional Resources has eleven mini-lessons on reading comprehension skills: reading comprehension, inferences, point of view, textual evidence, theme, central idea, summary, word meaning, tone, organization of text, and author's purpose. Each of these sections offers a definition, tip for better understanding, a passage to read, and one or two sample assessment questions (multiple choice). Practice Assessments provide a reading selection followed by questions, mostly multiple-choice and one short answer and ten or less questions per passage. Passages in this section are a variety of genre and include literature, informational text, and paired text. Answer keys are found at the back, alignment to standards is found at the front, and books are reproducible for classroom and family use. The new standards stress an ability to read and comprehend in non-fiction text - these books can help your student prepare and succeed in reading.

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