Master Ruler

Your students will no longer be confused by all the little lines on their rulers, thanks to the Master Ruler. Its design is unique: a white base ruler with clear plastic overlays. In the English version, the base is one foot with 12 inch markings. Separate overlays have 1/2", ¼", 1/8", and 1/16" markings. The Metric version starts with a plain solid base ruler and has overlays for decimeters, centimeters, and millimeters. This design allows the student to develop a solid understanding of the relationship between these fractional markings. For instance, they can measure an item first in inches, then in ¼ inches, then switch rulers to measure in centimeters and millimeters. The back of the white base ruler has an equivalents chart (in feet/yards/miles on the English ruler and in meters, etc. on the Metric ruler). The packaging for each ruler includes a brief set of exercises for becoming familiar with the ruler's usage, as well as a statement describing how the idea for the ruler was an answer to a teacher's prayer.

Mastering the World of Measuring Workbook includes a classroom-size (23" x 36") poster illustrating English measurements. [Did you realize that feet, gallons, and pounds are all based on 1/16 divisions? I didn't, until I studied this poster.] The Workbook itself has 22 pages of well-designed measuring activities with a complete answer key in the back. It also includes a comprehensive introduction to measuring that is essentially a scope and sequence for teaching measurement, covering the basics, fractions, scale drawing (map skills), geometric concepts, and metric/English conversion. These materials would make an excellent supplement to your comprehensive math curriculum. - Janice

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