Daily Warm-Ups: Common English Idioms

What does it mean to badger someone? To be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth? To get a dose of one's own medicine? We have all of these sayings in the English language, and we use them everyday, but have you ever thought about what they really mean? These books are great for class discussion and are divided into different categories of idiom topics like animal, business, body, clothes, color, food, medical, money, and more. Each daily lesson displays an idiom, describes what it means, and then prompts a discussion about the topic or gives an activity to complete like writing about a time you saw an idiom in effect (for me I would describe how my brother is like a bull in a china shop because he leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes), matching idioms with their meanings, using an idiom in a sentence, completing common idioms, and more. The Level 1 book has more common idioms and slightly easier activities to complete while Level 2 is a tad more advanced, but both are practically the same, giving short, daily exercises or discussion prompts centered around an idiom. These are great to use at the very beginning of class to get students into learning mode, near the end of class to make good educational use of the transitional time, in the middle of class to shift gears between lessons, or whenever else you have unused minutes. 190 pgs each. ~ Rachel

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